Top Ten Tuesday: Books I should have DNF-ed


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Thsi week prompt was the following: Books I Decided to DNF (did not finish) too Quickly. Well since in my whole reading carrier (more thna 10 years) I had only maybe 20 books that I DNF-ed I don’t think that this direction would be doable for me in it’s current form. Thats why I decided to twist it a bit and list the books that I should have DNF instead of struggling my way trough them. Yes, I know I’m helpless and too stubborn when it comes to giving upon books but I can’t help it. They sound so good based on the synopsis so I’m always sure I’m going to find a hidden gem in them.
Qucik disclaimer, Sorry if I diss your fave book it’s nothing against you but my opinion is mine 🙂

Without further ado here is my list:
hr part 1


1. Overflow by Brynne Asher:  This sounded so good but the writing wasn’t really my cup of tea and I couldn’t get on board with the characters either. It was dragging but the positive reviews kinda tricked me and I went on. Kinda waste of time.

2. The golden flower pot by ETA Hoffmann: Yeah, so the only reason why I finished thsi boo was because it was required reading for school. I should have dnf-ed it and find a cliif-notes version because it was torture.

3. The artisans by Julie Reece: This was boring, dragged out and over all bad but at the time I was reading it, this book was the only one handy for a week so it was kind of a desperate situation. Still if I had anything else with me I should have dnf-ed it, but I didn’t.

4.Black lilith by Hazel Jacobs: Why am I torturing myself with books that obviously has nothing that I like in them? That’s the biggest question of the year, people.

5. The Tiger’s daughter by K. Arsenault Rivera: Yeah, the hype around this one was a big misleading factor because while it had some interetsing qualities overall it was boring and dragged out.i still finished it.

6.  Law man by Kristen Ashley: Most of the time I love Kristen Ashley’s books but this one was not for me. It bored me to tears and I dnd’t like the storyline at all. However I hate skipping books in series so I fought on.

7. Siege and storm by Leigh Bardugo: I didn’t like the fist book to begin with so I don’t know what I hoped from this one. Oaky so I love the world and my main problem was with the protagonist so I maybe hope for some improvment in that departmet. Sadly I liked this one even less than the first. Go figure.

8. Touched by A.J. Aalto: Bad world building, slow plot and an insanely stupid main character. Why did I even went past the first couple of chapters??

9.Searching for someday by Jennifer Porbst

10. Once bitten by Trina M. Lee

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