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Review: The nine by C.M. Stunich & Tate James

Tricky, like a fox.
As a kitsune–a fox shifter–I have to be to survive.
Sometimes it seems like the whole world wants me dead.
Ironic, considering that’s my job–to kill people.

Thea Hunt, professional assassin at your service.
But that’s not my only vice.
I’m also attracted to the darkest denizens of the supernatural world, the men I should run from instead of fall for. Men like Mikhail, the leader of the assassins guild, Barrett, the local alpha wolf, and Nix, the skinwalking coyote that’s likely to bring the entire shifter community to their knees. And then there are my exes–Riot and Fin.

Somebody’s killing off old gods, stripping shifters of their ability to change. And a trapped shifter doesn’t last long without losing their mind. Nix knows; Mikhail wants me to kill him; Barrett wants me dead. Oh, and Riot and Fin are determined to make my life a living hell.

As the youngest kitsune to ever get nine tails, I should be able to trick my way out of this one, right?

THE NINE is the first book in the FOXFIRE BURNING series. It is a full-length reverse harem urban fantasy/paranormal romance with a spunky kitsune (fox shifter) main character and her six love interests: a vampire, a werewolf, a coyote shifter, and a few mysteries. This book includes cursing, violence, steamy scenes, and a whole lot of magic.
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20 questions book tag


Hi there!

So I love book tags but I rarely ever do them. I don’t know why. However the other day I saw this one on Berries & Books and instantly wanted to do it. Unfortunately I don’t know where it’s originates form. I tried to follow it back to the inventor but every blogger only mentioned the one blog they saw the tag on so when after an hour of blog hopping I still didn’t found the end of the line I gave up. The main thing is that I’m not the creator of the tag.
Moving on, I liked this tag because it not only revolves around the books I read but also focuses a lot on my reading habits. Alas gives it a chance for you guys to get to know me a bit better. The thing is that the other pretty much gave one word answers for the questions but I tried to elaborate as much as I could for the reason mentioned above. I hope you like it and don’t get bored.

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Waiting on Wednesday


Once Every Thousand Years…

Every millennium, one age ends and another age dawns…and whoever holds the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers holds the power to call the great Kami Dragon from the sea and ask for any one wish. The time is near…and the missing pieces of the scroll will be sought throughout the land of Iwagoto. The holder of the first piece is a humble, unknown peasant girl with a dangerous secret.

Demons have burned the temple Yumeko was raised in to the ground, killing everyone within, including the master who trained her to both use and hide her kitsune shapeshifting powers. Yumeko escapes with the temple’s greatest treasure—one part of the ancient scroll. Fate thrusts her into the path of a mysterious samurai, Kage Tatsumi of the Shadow Clan. Yumeko knows he seeks what she has…and is under orders to kill anything and anyone who stands between him and the scroll.

A wish will be granted and a new age will dawn.


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Top Ten Tuesday: ‘How do you pronounce it?’ names


Hosted by That artsy reader girl.

This week topic was all about character names. Well,the original direction was best character names but those that I love, find interesting I have hundreds of so I needed some lines to narrow it down. Then in last week top tens on one of the blogs I saw someone do worst character names and the idea struck me then. What if I collect the names I had a hard time pronouncing? I have quite a few of them as well and I’m sure I didn’t collect all of them but it is still a shorter list than the other one would have been. Since I’m not a neative english speaker sometimes names in books create quite a headache to figure out. But to be honest with you all I don’t think it’s always only due to language barriers so to speak. Some of the authors can come up with pretty strange names. Not all of the names are long and complex but due to the difference between my language and english even shorter, simple looking ones can be decieving. Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: ‘How do you pronounce it?’ names”

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Viki’s review: Psycich’s spell by Ella Summers

In the immortal war between gods and demons, one woman’s past holds the key to humanity’s future.

One year after joining the Legion of Angels in New York City, Leda Pierce returns home to visit her family in Purgatory, a rough and rugged frontier town that borders the plains of monsters. Leda’s family reunion is cut short, however, when her little sisters are captured by supernatural mercenaries.

Together with her angel lover Nero, she sets out to save them. Besieged by monsters, assailed by powerful foes, Leda knows this rescue mission won’t be easy. What she doesn’t expect is that it will bring her face-to-face with the secrets of her buried past.

Psychic’s Spell is the sixth book in the Legion of Angels series.
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