Top Ten Tuesday: My fave time-travel stories


Hosted by That artsy reader girl.
The promt for this week is the following: Books with Red, White, & Blue Covers. So this promt just didn’t resonate with me at all. I tried with little to no success to stay with it but in the end I decided to simply change the topic. That’s how this came to. I was planning to do this particular list for the 12th the one about traveling but since I was on vacation back then it kinda got ignored. Alas it is a perfect time tio rectify it.
So I just love time travel romances/ stories especially the ones that jump back int a kindof medieval period. Don’t worry not all of my favorites are about knights and such not even all are exactly time travel ones. A couple of them are stories about not time traveling but a kind of dimensional travel. Anyway the baseline is the same someone from modern times gets droped into a unknown time, how will they navigate it? Without further ado my list:


Also Warning: There is one that can be a spoiler for those who are not up to date with the series . I’m going to put it at the very end after the covers so if you want you can avoid it!
hr part 1

Lisa Tawn Bergren- River of time series

Chie Shinohara- Red river manga

P.C. Cast- Divine by mistake

Donna Hoise- The return to Camelot series

Ryan Graudin- Invictus

Kristen Ashley- Fantasyland series

Diana Gabaldon- Outlander series

Kerstin Gier- The ruby red trilogy

hr part 1

Posibble Spoiler!!

Scarlett Dawn- Chosen one

hr part 1





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