Top Ten Tuesday: My favorite ‘world builders’


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So the directions for this week topic was the following: Bookish Worlds I’d Want to/Never Want to Live In. First I had every intention to stick to this topic because it sounds awesome especially since there are so many vivid and exceptional worlds created in books. However when I sat down to make my list and started t o think about it more I realized something. If I drop into said worlds as myself, alas as puny human being I would either never survive or just couldn’t enjoy the world. Because let’s be honest, I can’t choose contemporary worlds because they are not new so it wouldn’t be any kind of change. So that leaves fantasy worlds, where there are always either some kind of wars, they are technological lagging behind, or there is some kind of social or magical hierarchy where only a small percentage of the population can enjoys the basic comforts of life. This means I found something that could kill me in a minute in every world or something why I wouldn’t want to live there. So that strikes the worlds I would want to read and also the worlds that I would never survive because one of them is nonexistent and the other is endless.
That’s when I got to thinking about how to twist this topic into something interesting but still fitting. See my topic which is My favorite world builders aka authors who always create phenomenal worlds for their stories. This way I not only get to introduce some of my fave fantasy worlds but also get to give credit to the authors. It still needed some stipulations because there are a bunch of colorful and complex fantasy worlds out there. Okay so really I had only one rule:

  • There has to be more than one world that I find spectacular by the author (this automatically strikes the authors who only has one series or book out yet and also the ones who created only one world and writing every series of theirs in that one otherwise it would be a reallylong list, and I can’t really title someone a pro world builder is they only created one so far) because there is a thing called lucky combination.

Among the following authors the first 3 were the ones that came to mind immediately, I love everything from them and they are not only really talented in the world building department but in other areas as well. The rest of them are also created phenomenal worlds on their books but I didn’t love all of their stories, there were a couple of instances where the only thing that awed me was the world building.
I also only can choose obviously from authors I already read from more than one series.

So let’s get started:
hr part 1

  1. Keri Arthur

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  2. Ilona Andrews
  3. Scarlett Dawn

hr part 1

  1. Marie Lu
  2. Helen Harper
  3. Devon Monk
  4. Samantha Young (Pre- contemporary one. I don’t know how many of you know her fantasy stuff but that’s what she started out with and they were so good. I loved every one of her YA fantasy and I’m really sorry that she doesn’t write those anymore.)
  5. Ella Summers
  6. Julie Kagawa

+1. Honorary mention is Rick Riordan, I know practically all of his books take place in one world just in different corners of it but I think the way he combined the different mythologies with modern life is worth the mention.


60 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My favorite ‘world builders’

  1. Keri

    Ahhhh I love this twist you did!
    Yesss Julie Kagawa, I loved the Iron Fey series (the original trilogy) and her Blood of Eden series!
    And oooh Keri Arthur. I’ve never read anything by her but I’ve been wanting to (mostly because her name is Keri, lol). Any recommendation on which book/series of hers to start with?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Viki Post author

      Depends, she mostly writes urban fantasy so if you like it you can’t really go wrong but her older stuff are defintly more sexual than the recent ones. So if you are not into graphic and sometimes a bit disturbing eritic scenes then start with either City of light or Blood kissed. However if you are open to that kind of thing then Full moon rising is a good place to start.

      Liked by 1 person


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