Viki’s review: Broken beautiful beginning by Sophie Summers

Jace’s last words play in my head over and over as I lay in this dark trunk. I can hear his faint mumbling through the insulation of the backseat. I cry louder, asking for him to pull over, to let me out.
Praying for him to take me back to my baby girl.
Hitting my fists against the top of the trunk I scream and yell, but nothing… He continues to drive further and further away from my family.
I have just found my way back to Caleb. We are supposed to be a family.
I need him to find me, save me from the Beast Jace has become…
This was supposed to be our new beginning… we were meant to start fresh, a clean break.

They all said that Jace was a monster… a dangerous man that I should steer clear of but they had it all wrong.
It’s only when Raven comes out to play does he become the person so many fear.
I was so wrong to think I understood him.
No one understands him…
I thought I knew who he was but I had no idea the secrets he was keeping from me and the Club.
I should have listened to their warnings, should have taken their advice but I had been drawn to a broken soul and I thought I could mend it….fix him somehow.
After all is said and done, only one question remains…who will fix me when I break?

Title: Broken beautiful beginning ( Broken beautiful #1.5)
Author: Sophie Summers
Published: May 8th 2014 by Smashwords
Genres: contemporary romance, abuse, drama

hr part 1

My thoughts:

I usually don’t read the companion novels since they don’t really have significance in regard of the main story. In this case I made an exception because of the synopsis and the length of the story. It turns out I made the right decision. I would say it’s rather a second book than a 1.5. It gives a clean ending for the first book’s events


After the first book’s cliffhanger I was extremely curious about the conclusion of Harley and Jace story. However in this installment the story turns in a completely different direction than I expected. Apart from this it’s really exciting and I liked it even more than the first. It’s more out together and balanced out. It gives less attention to Harley more childish emotions and rather deals with the meaningful events. Harley goes through so much hardship that in her place I would have grabbed my stuff and leave without a backward glance. The story is full of unexpected twists and turns and a lot of surprises. We also see into the club life more and it’s something I missed from the first installment.
The book has a relatively happy ending, but not how I wanted it.


I’m very disappointed in Harley and her actions in the beginning of the story. Even in the first book I felt she just played with Jace feelings. This is confirmed when she forgives Caleb without thinking about it. In my opinion if she could do this then she never really loved Jace , he was just a replacement for the time being.  Although as the story goes on she starts to act more likable. In the end I really liked her and not just because of her remarkable tenacity but she grows up to, and makes more mature decisions.
I didn’t like Caleb appearance, because I’m still a Jace fan. Add to this his actions, which are horrible and the complete opposite of what he promised Harley. He doesn’t really care about Harley feeling regarding the club.  The things he shares about his past aren’t unexpected or surprising, but the fact that he intentionally hurts Harley is another black mark for him. He only realizes the consequences of his actions when he almost loses his family. In my opinion he is pathetic and greedy.
Jace has a little presence in this book, but I really hope he gets his happy ending in the next book. Despite his faults I like him and his personality and felt sorry for him in the end especially after his breakdown. The only question about him we didn’t get an answer in the first book is comes to light. It’s not unexpected or surprising but I still don’t get how he could keep it secret from everybody.
There is a lot of Hunter in the story and since he is one of my favorite characters, I’m happy about this development. And I can picture a story about him in the future.
Somehow it turns out that behind the scary and hard biker personalities there are broken little boys.  The biggest disappointment is Harley’s father, however much he’s asserting that Harley is his everything, his actions tell it differently. He only cares about his precious club.

In the end the story is not entirely about what I expected but still fascinating and amazing. I would have regretted not reading it. Anxiously waiting for the sequel.

5 stars



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