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I frequented quite a few book vlogs and always liked the book tags they did. So when the other day I saw on this tag on a blog I decided to do this and a couple of others myself, too. I had a lot of fun doing them and I hope you like them.  So these are only my opinion and hate me if you want I don’t care. Just kidding but I’m curious if others have the same view of some books as me. For some points I’m going to cheat and put more than one answer for because I couldn’t choose between them. So let’s get started.

  1. The last that you read?

Ilona Andrews- Wildfire
Kristin Ciccarelli- The last Namsara
Beth Flynn- The iron tiara

  1. Spoilers or spoiler free?

Well if I reading the reviews then I like to look for ones with specific spoilers but when I writing them I try to do them as spoiler free as possible.

  1. A book you read in one sitting?

Almost everything? No not really but I read quickly so anything that’s under 200 pages I finish in 2-3 hours. The last one I read in one sitting was Aly Martinez’ The darkest sunrise.

  1. Your favorite genre?

I love fantasy, urban fantasy and contemporary just as much but I read more contemporary just because I finish them quicker and lately I don’t have as much time to read as I’d like.

  1. Amount of books on your TBR?

A lot. Like over 6000 but this number includes not just the books that I own and want to read, but the ones that will come out in the future and I want to read and I put everything that remotely interest me on it. A lot of times I don’t even read the full synopsis put TBR them for future reconsideration I’m impulsive like that. But I never really carve out time to reconsider them, so I always just put them into the pile but don’t delete them even if I know that I won’t read them because it takes a lot of time to check that many books. I rather spend that time reading.

  1. A book you have DNF-d?

I rarely do it, I usually force myself through them but there are some exceptions. Like Autumn Reed’s Phoenix.

  1. Recent awards or milestones?

I don’t really have those the blog is barely a year old but I’m hoping to get 100 followers before the end of the year.

  1. Best interaction with an author you enjoy?

Anytime one of them comments on my review of their book.

  1. Average number of books you read per month?

It depends on how busy I am but generally its between 10-20.

  1. Top three publishers?

I don’t choose books by publishers; it’s not a deciding factor for me so I don’t really pay attention that little tidbit.

  1. Social media sites your blog uses?

I myself don’t really use social media so it’s only twitter since I found it the easiest and the least troublesome. I once tried to start it on Facebook too but that one died in less than 2 months. I know I should be more active if I want to make the blog more popular but I have to prioritize my time.

  1. Amount of time you spend on networking?

Not much, I check twitter, my blog and emails once a day write some reviews once or twice a month ( I write my reviews in bulk, which means  when they pile up I spend a day or two to type them in and schedule them) and that’s it.

  1. Most comfortable blogging position?

On the couch most of the time but I usually write my reviews on paper at the table before and later type them on. I get more inspiration when I’m writing it down the old fashioned way.

  1. Music or quiet when you writing review?

Usually quiet so I can concentrate on writing good reviews but when I’m in the mood I usually listening to epic and fantasy music mixes.

  1. Can you sum up your blogging style in 5 words?

Unorganized, diverse (in terms of I read everything from classics to high fantasy), hopeful, basic, ever changing.

  1. A blog you looked up to starting out?

A lot of them so I can’t choose.

  1. The best book you have reviewed so far?

Probably And I darken from Kiersten White. I remember when I sat down to write it I didn’t know what to write but then the words just started to spill out of me so it ended up being one of the longest reviews I wrote.

  1. Best piece of blogging advice?

Don’t give up and do it because you like to do it, don’t let it become an obligation.

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