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My journey as a reader so far

As it’s nearly 10 years since I started to read seriously I decided to look back and write down a couple of thngs about the journey I went trhough during this time. It originally was just for my enjoyment but I decided to share it with you/ on the blog so it can help you get to know me a bit better. I hope you enjoy it.

I always loved to read. Okay, that’s a lie. I didn’t always love to read because I had quite a struggle with learning to read. I left me with a bad experience so it took me for a while to discover the benefits and joys or reading and some of the horribly dry required reading for school didn’t help this either.
I was around 14 when I started to read seriously but at I read classics, first mainly the required readings for school like Robinson Crusoe, Hamlet, Antigone and such then I branched out to the Three musketeer,  Dracula, Frankenstein and ther peers. Also back then I mostly read educational books about history, art history, architecture, geography, biographies and such. My bookshelves are full of those huge books about them, you know the ones with full of pictures and illustrations. I loved them back then, nowadays I rarely read those.

Then the first two Twilight movie came out and I loved it but since the third movie was a bigger project and we needed to wait longer for it I decided to read the books. They hooked me instantly but I read them in Hungarian, I didn’t read in English yet so no matter how much I got hooked on reading my choices were limited. It was around 2009-2010 and there was not as many YA books translated and published in my language yet. But I tried nonetheless, I read Claudia Grey, Kristin Cashore and their friends.

Unfortunately or luckily it depends on how you look at it I quickly ran out of books I wanted to read  that also got published in my language. This meant I was forced to start to read in English. Back then my English grammar and vocabulary was simply horrible, I was a straight A student or the equivalent of it in Hungary expect for English. Yeah that’s me. So when I was ‘forced’ to start and read in English a lot of things changed. I struggled with it at the beginning but got the hang of it real quick and it also helped me with my grades. For one I joined Goodreads which opened up my world, and then I discovered eBooks which helped a lot too. And I stared to read exclusively in English. My first book I read like this was Sophie Jordan’s Firelight and thinking back it wasn’t the best choice because it’s not the easiest for a starter.

However, back then I only read fantasy or paranormal. Anything that has contemporary in its list of genres I didn’t even read the synopsis. They just didn’t interest me at all. Werewolves, vampires, witches and dragons always but never a simple contemporary romance.
Also I always loved Asian culture and watched a lot of anime and K-Dramas so when I started to read in English I also discovered the benefits of manga and manwha. For a couple of years I read an unseemly amount of those too.

For a couple of years it went on like this. But since I joined Goodreads I always got recommendations based on the books I read. A particular one always came up no matter how many times I dismissed it. After a while I decided to try it despite it being a new adult contemporary. I was already 19 then so maybe it was time to broaden my horizon. This book was Beautiful disaster from Jamie McGuirre and this changed my world completely. I loved it, it shook me up and after I read it I started to read contemporary to. More and more every year as I got older and more mature. It got to the point where nowadays I read mostly contemporary, sometimes a couple of paranormal romance or urban fantasy sprinkled in the fray. But for example the YA books I loved so much when I started my reading journey I can barley tolerate. Okay that’s not true either; I can’t tolerate the whiny teenage drama and the overly naïve, annoying main characters other than that sometimes I still read it.

Along the way I started to follow more seriously what I read and also started to write reviews. It’s interesting to see how much my taste change in the course of 10 years and looking forward the new paths my journey will take me on.



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