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Viki’s Review: ‘Egyptian heart’ by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

 Maggie Owen is a beautiful, spirited Egyptologist…but lonely. Even being in Egypt on a grant from the college she teaches at to search for an undiscovered necropolis she’s certain lies below the sands beyond the pyramids of Gizah doesn’t give her the happiness she’d hoped it would. There has always been and is something missing. Love.
Then her workmen uncover Ramose Nakh-Min’s ancient tomb and an amulet from his sarcophagus hurls her back to 1340 B.C–where she falls hopelessly in love with the man she was destined to be with, noble Ramose, who faithfully serves the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaton and his queen Nefertiti.
She’s fallen into perilous times with civil war threatening Egypt. She’s been mistaken for one of Ramose’s runaway slaves and with her blond hair, jinn green eyes and fair skin she doesn’t fit in. Some say she’s magical and evil. Ramose’s favorite, Makere, attempts to kill her.
The people, angry the pharaoh Akhenaton has set his queen Nefertiti aside and he’s forced them to worship his god, Aton (instead of their many Egyptian gods), are rising up against him.
Maggie’s caught in the middle of it in a dangerous land and time she doesn’t belong in.
In the end, desperately in love with Ramose, will she find a way to stay alive and with him in ancient Egypt–and to make a difference in his world and history?
Because Maggie has finally found love.

Title: Egyptian heart
Author: Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Published: November 19th 2015
Genres: Historical romance, time travel

My thoughts:

I hate to give negative reviews because I feel disrespectful towards the authors and their hard works but sometimes it necessary, unavoidable. Just like it is the case this time. Despite the bad Goodreads average rating the beautiful and eye-catchy cover, the time traveling plot and the promising synopsis kind of led me on and lulled me into false hope. Unfortunately there were so many things I didn’t like about the book that it is a surprise I even could force myself to finish reading it.

Let me start with that the biggest and most impacting mistake/hole was the plot itself. It was really slow and boring a hell. This is not a really long story but the storyline was dragging and it even concentrated on the wrong aspects of the events and on the wrong moments. And not only that but with the whole historical fiction genre you would think that there at least some accurate historical events. I don’t need anything really big or so because it’s fiction but at least the basic actions of people and such could be authentic and it is not. There is so much asinine assumptions and historical incorrect information in it that it hurts.  Also the plot sailed through the important and substantial events practically in two sentences and then detailed mushy and inconsequential conversations over pages. It has a messed up structure.

There also was a lot of potential not just in the time period the author chooses but the places too. She could have created beautiful, vivid and descriptive pictures when introducing places, clothes even people but she fall short on that front too.

Don’t even get me started on the main character. She is supposed to be a history professor yet she act so stupid and uneducated most of the cases, although most of it is the fault of the writing. First when she realizes that she traveled back in time and not in a movie set, however hard to believe it, she does it not because the place she wakes up, the people, the clothing, the language or the really real pain she feel thanks to being slashed by a whip but because of the cruel look in the eyes of the soldier. Then she constantly introduces herself as a college professor or the thing she worries about the most is the then not existing grammar she may use when she only can talk to them thanks to the magic of a necklace.  She is more like a dreamer swept away by delusions and not an educated professor. Her actions and personality clashes with her supposed character. She just creates unviable situations in that time period and it makes the whole story fall apart.

Her relationship should be the main focus of the story but it is so insignificant and suppressed part of the book that it makes it impossible to enjoy it. It is not even developed and so slow and shallow. I didn’t feel any kind of chemistry between the characters and they didn’t have time to really create a connection.  It’s a really bad insta love situation.

I found Ramose interesting and even liked him in regards that he is not romanticized at least not much in the beginning. He is the most authentic part of the book. Cruel and hard when he first meets Maggie but then slowly opens up. He is still arrogant but smart, too.

I kept hoping that something good is going to happen but it didn’t. I like time travel romances but the kind where the travelers adjust and try to fit into their new surroundings using their modern ‘tool set’, knowledge but Egyptian heart is not like that. It is boring, with a horrible main character and shallow structure and a lot of messy situations.  Suffered it through and it hurt.


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