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Review ‘Deathless’

Title: Deathless
Author: Anne Malcom
Series: The Vein chronicles #2
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Vampires,
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My life was never black and white.
Heck, it wasn’t even black, white and gray.
Lines were not drawn between good and evil, and if they were, I would have jumped those suckers for fun.
But now it was simpler. It wasn’t black and white. Or gray. It was only one thing.
A crimson-tinted world. That was all I needed.
All I wanted.
Despite the war raging around us, or the secrets between us, there was nothing simpler than blood.
It didn’t matter that it would be fatal.
After all, it’s the things we’re not undead without that will kill us in the end.

My Thoughts

This one is going to be an unpopular opinion if I go by the review I saw on Goodreads. After reading the first book I was really looking forward to this particular story.  Since I loved that one I expected that I’m going to love the second book too. Well I was wrong, but at least I tried and tried and struggled and crawl through the whole book in the end but with so much suffering. Usually I read a book in 1-2 days and the worst case scenario when I hate a story but I hate DNF-ing books more, then its 3 days. Well, guess how long it took me to read this one. Drumroll……. almost 2 and a half week, my personal record if you ask me. Unfortunately I couldn’t concentrate for more than 25 pages at one sitting and at first I couldn’t understand why, when the first book was such a phenomenal read.

Just a quick warning, this review is going to be riddled with a lot of complaining and mainly ranting about what I didn’t like. Sorry but when a book leaves such a deep and negative impact on me I tend to turn into complainer.

Let’s start something positive. I loved the prologue and the epilogue I think those were the best parts in the whole freaking book. They are a bit confusing thanks to the wording, but the story they tell and the information they provide for the story and history of Isla world and the things we got to know about it in the first book, are really great and the prologue kinda sucked me in for a bit.

But then came the first official chapter and everything crashed and burned. After the prologue there is not beginning as powerful as with the first story and from then I struggled to get into the book. Not to mention Sophie brief but annoying and maniac chapter, lets be honest I got to love Isla in the irst book so don’t try to sell me another slightly crazier main character not even for a little bit. And in all honesty I couldn’t understand the significance of it since we didn’t get to know anything new or surprising about the crazy witch and her deeper thoughts. It was just a good scare tactic if you ask me.

Still my main issue was with Isla. But before I get to that lets see the less than thrilling parts of the writing style. First of all, the way the author gets from point A to point B is like my sister story telling. When you go such a roundabout way that it takes 5 times as long as it normally would and you ran 5 extra circles too. It was the same in the first book too but somehow it didn’t annoy me this much then.
There are also a lot of prophecies mentioned in the book but they have such a confusing and complex wording that if anybody could puzzle out the meaning behind it the you deserve an award my friend.

So we arrived the point when I can’t avoid my concerns regarding Isla anymore. I loved her attitude, sarcastic and maniac personality in the first book but in this the author took it up a notch and it was way too much that the plot and could handle. I saw her personality, character in a completely new light. Her normal state is mayhem and she became such a borderline personality.  She blows everything so out of proportions and throws huge temper tantrums when something doesn’t go as she wants. She is a bit petulant, a lot aggressive and has a definite problem with ADHD. Does a lot of thing just so she can look more dark or sinister especially when a little hint of emotion comes up or feelings get mention. And don’t even get me started on her long ass, obnoxious and elaborate speeches she makes in the most inappropriate moments.  She still has some funny moments but the annoying ones definitely out weights the good ones. Also her inability to be even a little bit serious, her tendencies to run headlong into fights or her thing with not wanting to put effort into anything but getting results  are also a sore points for me. But mainly she hides from her emotions, the truth and any kind of responsibility.

Well feel like the book has no substantial plot at all, the whole storyline is really messed up by Isla inner struggles and the relationship between her and Thorne, which is another thing I don’t really get. I still can’t remember why or even when did they so deeply in love with each other, between trying to kill one another? And the whole first book doesn’t take up such a long period of time so their cheesy, lovey-dovey relationship with confessing their never dying love for each other was a bit unfounded for me. Or really the whole relationship only consisted of sex because any time they should or could have talked the avoided it as the plague.  Yeah, not the best connection I ever read about in a book.

All in all I didn’t enjoy this book at all. As I mentioned earlier almost the only things I liked are the prologue and the epilogue and maybe the identity of the mastermind or more like the surprise it caused.  I also didn’t love the cove, it a bit grotesque which could go with the book but I get a more horror show vibe from it.

Quotes that describe Isla the best

“Yes, well, despite that, it’s human nature for me to respond to the fact that you’re still young enough to be my daughter.”
“I was old enough to be your mother when we first met. Or your girlfriend.” I waggled my brows.
He frowned at me. “Human nature to respond to your looks and lack of any form of maturity to think of you as younger than me,” he corrected. “Because I’m human and because you’re likely to be the most irresponsible immortal being I’ve ever met, I’ve grown up as you haven’t. Became a father. And I think watching my girl grow up made me realize I consider you another one of my children. One who could kill me as soon as look at me, and who swears and murders a lot more than my daughter, who hopefully will never dress like you. But I know I want her to have the spirit you’ve got. So for whatever it’s worth, from a younger man who’s got the years in maturity on you, I’m glad you’re not dead. And I’ll have to make sure that man of yours makes it stay that way, considering he’s a lot more mortal than you and that means I’ll have to forget my badge for a second to get a father’s revenge.”

“You have to forgive him.”
I lifted my brow in warning. “Is that right? Because I don’t think I do. He should’ve told me.”
Sophie sipped from her mug. “Yes, and when do you think he should’ve told you? The first time you met, when prophecy and everything more than that told him you were everything he needed to breathe while age-old instinct urged him that you were the only thing he needed to kill? Or any of your other encounters before you got together during which, if I remember correctly, you promised you’d kill him? Or how about when the death threats stopped?”
She paused, as I sipped from my own mug, pretending that the coffee was satisfying the aching burn in my throat. Pretending that the sheer need for blood, for Thorne’s blood, for Thorne, wasn’t driving me crazy. Or crazier.
Sophie, unaware of my internal struggle, put her cup down to continue the lecture.
“Oh wait, that’s right. The death threats have yet to stop. Then there was that whole war of the worlds that you were fighting. The secrets you had to keep about your relationship in order to stop the entire warring community, both sides, from coming after you. Then you almost died, and he had to watch and feel what the world would be like if he lost you. Then he was supposed to tell you something that he most likely hasn’t told anyone but those he trusts with his life? Because such knowledge could be the thing that kills him if left in the wrong hands. And merely giving you that information was all the more fatal to him when you already hold his heart in your hands. So when do you think, between all that, it would have been the ideal time for him to let you know that he’s not just a mortal slayer but an immortal version of one who is related to the vampire king who may or may not be in love with you and has you fighting on his side in a war that may kill you all? Where you two just happened to be prophesized to bring about some kind of beginning or end along with four others.” She tapped her fingers on the table, eyeing me. “When, Isla?”


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