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Book series I will never finish part 1

The other day when I was writing my Top ten Tuesday post I was looking through my TBR list and realized that it is full of books, mostly part of series that I will never finish. I decided to delete them finally after years of pushing it and to write a post about them. I won’t list all of them because there was quite a few, but I thought it would be interesting to name a couple.

Most of these books, as you will probably notice, are dystopian novels. Why? Well, because I had a year or so dystopian phase when I started everything remotely resembling the genre. The thing is though I got over this phase well before some of the series finished and since then this particular genre is the one I read next to never. But let’s get started and I will try to write the reason I abandoning it beside the title.

  1. Catherine Doyle- Blood for blood series

I read the first book from the series and I liked it but I also felt that that one book was enough out of it. I didn’t feel compelled to continue and I thought Vendetta was a story with a beginning and an end and I don’t need to complicate things even more.

  1. Maggie Stiefvater- Raven boys series

This one is something a lot of people love but I barley could get through the first book. I’m not a big fan of the author writing style. I didn’t like a story and wasn’t impressed by the characters. So there is no chance I will ever continue with it.

  1. Veronica Rossi- Under the never sky series

I really liked this series and I read the first two books. But there was quite a long time between the releases and I lost my patience and interest in it. Maybe I will peek into the last two chapters.

  1. Kresley Cole- The Arcana chronicles

I liked the first book but in the second I started to hate the main character which dragged this whole story down for me. After finishing with that one I decided that I don’t want to know what happens anymore.

  1. Dan Wells- Partials series

This one falls into the category I described before starting the list.  Two books down but the last I never started.

  1. Kristin Cast & P.C. Cast- House of night

I absolutely loved this series I read the first 8 in one week but the 9 wasn’t out yet. Then when it was published I just couldn’t get back into the flow, no matter how much I tried. And I feel like I out gowned it so it’s time to say goodbye.

  1. K.L. Armstrong- The blackwell pages

I started to read this one after finishing the Percy Jackson series it is good but just not the same level as the other series.

  1. Jus Accardo- Denazen series

I read the first book and liked it but not enough to continue the series.

  1. Kiersten White- Paranormalcy

I read the first two books when they came out but I waited too long with the third. I remember that I loved the books but when I started to read the third I had no idea who is who and what’s going on. I probably should have reread from the beginning but since I have to many books to read I rarely if never do so.

  1. Eileen Wilks- World of the lupi

This is a great series but after a couple of books the main characters started to alternate and I got lost. I can’t follow the storyline anymore.

  1. Kiera Cass- Selection

I only read the first two books and the last chapters from the third. I know I’m a bad girl but I wasn’t that much invested into the story to read the whole third book. The only thing I was interested in is the name of the boy America chooses at the end. Don’t even get me started on the 4th and 5th books.

  1. Sophie Jordan- Firelight

This series has a really interesting concept and the first book is not bad but the second one was so weak I gave up.

  1. Kimberly Derting- The pledge

The first one was a phenomenal book and I still remember every part of it, but I think it didn’t need a second or a third book so I didn’t read them and don’t plan to do so later either.

  1. Moira Young- Dust lands series
  2. C.J. Redwine- Defiance

This one was a pure and simple cover buy on my part and I hated the story so the second one didn’t even make it on my TBR.

Well that’s it for now. Maybe later I’m going to do a part 2 to this post because I have plenty more books that fall into this category. Especially since I only put one contemporary in this list.


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