Viki’s Review: ‘Brownlow Baby’ by Katie Hamstead

Julia Saxon has been in love with her best friend since the moment she met him. The problem is, Lachlan Daniels was already in love with his model girlfriend. But she just dumped him, and the night of the Brownlow medal ceremony–the most prestigious award in Australian Rules Football–Julia is determined to win him over. For one night, she believes she has succeeded, until in the morning he runs out in a panic, apparently regretting their passionate time together. With the support of her friends, she tries to move on, and even manages to snag herself a boyfriend. Then, the vomiting starts. When the pregnancy test shows up positive, Julia knows exactly who the father is; Lachlan. But that is all kinds of complicated as he continues to pine after his ex, who has moved on, although, she still toys with him. When Julia makes the decision to keep the baby, her boyfriend leaves, unable to watch her carry his team mate’s child. As the following months ensue, Lachie discovers the pregnancy and vows to stand by Julia. The pair struggle through a tumultuous and complicated relationship. When it comes down to it, Lachie will have to choose between Julia and their baby, or his ex. But Julia won’t go down without a fight for her happy ending, whether it’s with Lachie or not.

Title: Brownlow Baby
Author: Katie Hamstead
Published: January 25th 2017 by Soul Mate Publishing
Genres: contemporary romance, sport, new adult

My Thoughts

This one is not one of my typical reads. First of all I nearly never read anything that has such a low rating on Goodreads and to boost this I didn’t find one review about it that would deny this rating. Then there is the synopsis which also paints a pretty bad picture about the plot. But I was in a really low mood and I needed something mindless but emotional and I thought this a perfect candidate. I ended up really annoying it but if I was in any other mood I probably would have never finished reading it.

First of all apart from the really irking storyline the writing style is pretty horrible, too. Sorry, I don’t like to say things like this because I feel like I’m disrespecting the author but in this case that the truth. It’s full of spelling and grammar mistake which is a feat if me, not being a native English speaker is bothered by it (I normally doesn’t mind them much). Then there are inconsistencies in the storyline and names, also it has a choppy and broken up feel to it. Because of this it is hard to get into the story. But the emotions come through in such an exceptional and phenomenal way that I even cried, which I nearly never do. So yeah, there are pros and cons to it.

I don’t want to go into detail about the plot because I couldn’t without giving away some big spoiler. So I rather talk about the characters. First there is Julia who makes really bad life choices, but I also admired her patient. She is desperately and hopelessly in love with the star player of her football team, what worse they have a good relationship, friendship so they spend a lot of time together. But Lachlan is not just oblivious abut Julia feelings he is also blinded by his love for her current girlfriend. So he first unintentionally later carelessly hurts Julia feelings a lot. But she doesn’t care; she takes anything he gives her because she is hoping that maybe next time…She is really a dormant for him she worships him with his every faults. As the story progresses she slowly but surely destroys herself I couldn’t understand her but sympathized with her, if it makes sense.
Lachlan is a stupid, arrogant and ignorant shithead. I couldn’t understand what Julia seen in him. I could slap him so much. His actions frustrated me all to hell so you get my drift. It took him months to come to his senses and couldn’t see things that played out right before him. Maybe he was just simply stupid.

All in all, this book has a lot of flaws and mainly frustrated me but at the same time I enjoyed it and was just what I needed in that particular moment.



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