Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Books Featuring Single Fathers

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

A couple of weeks earlier I did a post about books portraying single mothers and even back then I already did a collection of my favorite single father books, too. So I was happy when I got the opportunity to post this one, too. As I mentioned it back then I love when  there is a single parent in contemporary books and not just because they are phenomenal characters, most of the time but the stories are also guaranteed to have a certain level of maturity to them thanks to the fact that they have to grow up and take responsibility when they are parents.  Not to mention the cute kids.

  1. Abruption by Riley Mackenzie
  2. Ravage Me by Ryan Michele
  3. Inevitable by Angela Graham
  4. Incandescent by River Savage
  5. The Gravity of Us by Brittainy C. Cherry
  6. Texas Tornado by Lani Lynn Vale
  7. Lights To My Siren by Lani Lynn Vale
  8. Anguish by Bella Jewel
  9. Misconduct by Penelope Douglas
  10. Even the Score by Beth Ehemann
  11. Fire by Kristin Cashore

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