4 stars · Viki's review

Viki’s Review: ‘In the Beginning’ by London Miller

Twenty-year-old Lauren Thompson left her small town in Michigan to begin a new life in the Big Apple where no one knows her name or the tragedy that had rocked her family fifteen years prior. With new friends and an intriguing new love interest, starting over is easier than she expected…but Mishca Volkov isn’t what he seems. As the son of a Russian Mob boss, he thrives in a world of chaos and fear, earning the title of Bratva Captain through blood and pain. When the two cross paths, lines blur and passions ignite, bringing them closer than they could ever imagine. Until secrets from the past threaten to tear them apart. Can they fight past their demons…or were they doomed by fate before they ever met.

Title: In the Beginning (Volkov Bratva #1)
Author: London Miller
Published: October 24th 2013 by London Miller
Genres: contemporary romance, new adult, mafia, suspense

My Thoughts

This is a really fantastic story with a hint of mystery but it’s mainly a contemporary romance using the Russian mafia as its background. I would say it’s a 17+ book and not because of the sex scenes which the author did quite tastefully but there are a couple of graphic and brutal events in it.

The protagonist is Lauren Thompson who at the beginning of the book is going through a big change. By accident she literally runs into Mishca and its attraction at first collision. But their relationship is nowhere near inst anything; they build slowly and get to know each other before falling into bed. I don’t know much about the Russian culture and language but I’m sure that the mafia element is quite romanticized in the story even with the aggression and blood it contains.  But it has a bit of a cruel atmosphere.

In all honesty I didn’t find Lauren character the best; she wasn’t one of my favorites. For one she is really sentimental regarding her father case. I can imagine that something like she went through causes quite a big trauma, but it still doesn’t explain how a 10 year old girl, who still doesn’t understand a lot of things, is hounding the police about the investigation. Then when she is an adult contradicting this ignores a lot of obvious clues. Her naiveté is not a well founded trait in her personality.
Mishca is confusing as hell. One time he is caring and charming the next brutal, cold and secretive. I kinda got a whiplash.  But his character isn’t the only one who is either not well developed or simply unnecessary regarding the story.

The storyline is a bit frustrating and dragged out. There are still a lot of secrets to uncover and it bothered me a bit that the whole story is built and focused on some of these secrets and we are still not closer to reveal them. What I found even confusing is the change between POV, because there is no indication whatsoever when it changes from Lauren to Mishca and so on. It took a couple of sentences sometimes even pages to catch up with the actual identity of the speaker.

I’m curious about the next book because a lot of things left unsaid. Overall its and enjoyable and great read. Not too long or dramatic so I liked it quite a bit.


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