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Top Ten Books featuring single mothers

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

As of this week event is dedicatedto mother days I decided to combine it with one of my favorte element lately in books wich is single parents. In this case I concentrated on single mothers and only choose from books I already read and loved. I like this particulartopic not just because the characters are ususally more mature but the kids also give a sweet element to the stories..

  1. Lani Lynn Vale- Center mass
  2. Brittainy C Cherry- The air he breathes
  3. Aurora Rose Reynolds- Until Jax
  4. Amelia LeFay- The anatomy of us
  5. AJ Downey- Brother to brother
  6. Kristen Ashley- At peace
  7. Lina Andersson- Resonance
  8. Claudia Connor- Worth the fall
  9. Nicole Jacquelyn- Craving constellations
  10. Julieanne Reeves- Rayzing Kayne
  11. Linda LeeAnne- Lexi baby

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