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Review ‘Enemy exposure’

Title: Enemy Exposure
Author: Meghan Rogers
Series: The Raven files #2
Genres: Young adult, Mystery
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A spy and action thriller featuring a teenage girl who kicks butt and outsmarts with the best of them. To accomplish her mission, though, she’ll need to team up with those she trusts the least in this latest Raven File case.

Jocelyn Steely (code name: Raven) may have escaped the clutches of KATO and won the trust of the IDA, but she isn’t out of danger yet. Her cover is blown and KATO agents are after her, but that won’t stop Jocelyn. After all, her goal was never merely to escape KATO. She wants revenge.

Dead set on rescuing the one girl that she—and the IDA—failed to save, Jocelyn is forced to recruit other KATO agents to her side. She must hand over just enough intelligence to gain their trust, while still preventing her plans from getting back to her former tormentors. Is she out of her league in this battle? Or does she have what it takes to derail KATO once and for all?

This high-stakes spy thriller will have readers on the edge of their seats until the final mind-blowing revelation.

My Thoughts

To my biggest surprise I absolutely loved the first books I waited with belated breath for this one. Unfortunately this story is nothing like I expected, it not as good as I wanted it to be.

I still like the idea behind the books and the writing style is absolutely amazing, clean and so easy to get into. Really my biggest disappointment was Jocelyn. She was so calm and collected through the whole first story even in her hardest times. And her fight with her addiction is still an amazing part of her character which shows her strength and determination to get out. But in other aspect she kind off fall apart. She became rash and obsessive with taking down KATO, took a lot of dangerous risks and was grasping at straws during the book. She even became a bit depressed and in my opinion lost herself. It’s a damn shame because I loved her character in Crossing lines and yes maybe her current struggles show a more realistic reaction to her past but I miss her kick ass self.

There are a lot of new characters in the story with varying, edgy personalities portraying a handful of different ways Jocelyn could have gone. They were interesting and a nice but unexpected addition to the team.  Her partnership with Travis still in progress and they had a really rough patch for a while because Jocelyn behavior created a wedge between them. I like them together even if it not the romantic kind of connection (yet) so I hope they remain strong and supportive of each other.

Regarding the plot, it was interesting and surprising in a lot of aspects but also hectic and a bit rash but the storytelling is more sedate. I hope the next book is going to bring back a little bit of the magic I found in the first book and since there was a particular event in the end of the story I expect a lot of surprises as well.



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