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Review ‘Keystone’

32941327 Title: Keystone
Author: DAnnika Dark
Series: Crossbreed #1
Genres: Romance, Paranormal, Magic, Urban fantasy, Vampires, Shapeshifters
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Raven Black hunts evildoers for fun, but her vigilante justice isn’t the only reason she’s hiding from the law. Half Vampire, half Mage, she’s spent years living as a rogue to stay alive. When a Russian Shifter offers her a job in his covert organization hunting outlaws, dignity and a respectable career are finally within her grasp. The catch? Her new partner is Christian Poe – a smug, handsome Vampire whom she’d rather stake than go on a stakeout with.

They’re hot on the trail of a human killer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. One misstep during her probationary period could jeopardize Raven’s chance at redemption, and her partner would love nothing more than to see her fail. Will Raven find the courage to succeed, or will she give in to her dark nature?

Dark secrets, unexpected twists, and a blurred line between good and evil will keep you on the edge of your seat.

My Thoughts

I read a couple of different books from this author and I mostly liked them so when this book came out I read the synopsis which instantly made me sure that I want to read the story.

The funny thing is that it took me quite a while to realize that this story takes place in the same universe as the Mageri series. I read a couple of books from that series a while back but it’s not really required for understanding what’s going on in Keystone. Also I think the world building is more clear and understandable in this story, I had my struggles with Sterling, so there is that.

The writing in this book is one of the best I encountered from the author yet. The plot is a whirlwind of momentum and really busy but not confusing or overwhelming with great characters and exciting possibilities. It’s the perfect blend to keep you on the edge of your seat.

I liked Raven she is a fearless fighter and survivor but her tendencies to act recklessly caused a lot of problems and lead her into dangerous situations. She is not a team player and a bit judgmental especially toward vampires thanks to her bitter experiences.  She is desperate for companionship, for a deeper purpose even if she doesn’t realize it yet, but her loneliness shows it. She has a prickly personality and doesn’t handle rejection well. Her attitude and overconfidence became a little irritating by the end.
Her new partner Christian is probably my favorite character in the story. He is sarcastic; a bit closed off, skeptic, has a salty sense of humor but has a sweet and lonely side too. His interactions with Raven were mostly funny and really entertaining.
Aside for them there is a lot of interesting and detailed secondary character in the story which presents a quite a few possibilities for future books. One of them is Victor, whom motives I’m not so sure about. I think there is something more in the background regarding him.

I was engrossed in this book from start to beginning and cannot wait for the next one in this series.


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