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Review ‘Bad Blood’

Title: Bad Blood
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Series: The Naturals #4
Genres: Young adult, Mystery, Thriller
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New victims. New betrayals. New secrets.

When Cassie Hobbes joined the FBI’s Naturals program, she had one goal: uncover the truth about her mother’s murder. But now, everything Cassie thought she knew about what happened that night has been called into question. Her mother is alive, and the people holding her captive are more powerful—and dangerous—than anything the Naturals have faced so far. As Cassie and the team work to uncover the secrets of a group that has been killing in secret for generations, they find themselves racing a ticking clock.

The bodies begin piling up, the deaths hit closer and closer to home, and it soon becomes apparent that this time, the Naturals aren’t just hunting serial killers.

They’re being hunted themselves

My Thoughts

After my experience with All in I threw myself in this book with vigor and a newfound enthusiasm. The beautiful cover and the still unanswered questions just provided more motivation.

The author writing style is good as it was with the previous books in the series but I wasn’t as taken by the plot as I expected. It wasn’t as enjoyable and gripping as the others and the pace of it dragged quite a bit. Sure we get answers for every possible question and every mystery gets resolved so basically it gives a decent conclusion to the main story arch of the series but I expected a little bit more. This book is not so intense but more focused on 1 particular element, namely Cassie’s mother case alas the secret serial killer society.

There is also no further character development but they kept the level they reached. I was hoping a bit more Lia oriented side story, even so I don’t particularly liked her, but it’s her turn to reveal her past. Unfortunately her side of the story is consisting of just a couple of pages, it’s quick and brief nowhere near satisfying.
Cassie on the other hand gets a little bit blinded by all things surrounding her and her resurfacing memories and makes more mistakes than usual. This leads her into a really dangerous situation which also provides a real twist and excitement or more like anticipation to the book. The thing is tough it ended with a quite abrupt, absurd and a bit anticlimactic albeit painful way.

I liked the book but it was not my favorite in the series. Also I think the series still has a lot of potential in it and I think it could still be continued with success even without the whole secret society and plot within plot solution.


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