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Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

  1. I consider a lot of things before I start a book and however biased it sounds but the average Goodreads rating plays a part in it too. Since I already have a mile long TBR list, to screen my choices I generally don’t pick up anything under 3.75 rating. Sure there are expectations but not much.
  2. Victorian setting, some why I hate this era or more like the books that take place in it. So they are an instant no go for me.
  3. Classics, when I started reading I read every classic I wanted to. Since then I don’t read anything labeled classic.
  4. Historical romances, not every one of them just the cheesy once with the half naked men and woman on the covers featuring highlanders/dukes/pirates and such. Not really my ideal.
  5. Second chance romances. I don’t hate all of them but they start with a definite disadvantage because there is usually a jumping in the story, you know the back and forth between past and present. I don’t like book written like that so I selective when it comes to second chance romances.
  6. Poetry, I don’t know why but I don’t read it. Maybe I should start.
  7. Short stories, there are some really great short story but I generally avoid them because it either pisses me off that it just 60 page or so bad that don’t really worth the money and time I would invest into them.
  8. The genre horror is not appealing for me. I don’t watch it in movies either so I don’t see why should I read them.
  9. If a fantasy book is exclusively about one of the following supernatural species: witches/zombies/mermaids/fae. If there are a mix of supernatural going around then they are fine, but I don’t like them so much to read a book solely focused on one of them.
  10. Huge age gap between a couple. It kind of grosses me out when they could be father/daughter or mother/son, especially if the older one knows the younger since birth. It’s just no.

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