4 stars

Review ‘For a Good Time, Call…’

Title: For a good time call..
Author: Jessica Gadziala
Series: Scars #1
Genres: Romance, Dark
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Hunter is on the run from a past he wants nothing more than to forget about. He settles into his new life in a new city with a sexy new neighbor who goes out drinking every night and seems to have a lot of kinky, fantastic sex every day.

Fiona has more than a few scars from her past, nightmares so bad she cant be in her own apartment at night. She spends her days moaning like a porn star to her phone sex callers and putting up walls so thick no one can break them down.

That is until she keeps getting woken up from the hot new guy next door and goes over to confront him, sending them both into uncharted territory.

When their pasts come charging into their present, will they be able to heal the old wounds enough to let each other in? Or is there some damage that is simply too difficult to overcome?

I have a lot of books from this author I like her style and she is really productive to boost. She has a knack for choosing darker topics for her stories but she applies them in a way that they don’t end up overly traumatic. Apart from the tragic past of the characters this could be a funny and cute love story. But since both of them ha dark secrets and deep scars due to brutal past it’s a bit more complex than that.

The plot is basically about two kinda dysfunctional people finding a partner who gives them just what they need to heal, move on. As the story progresses it turns out that Fiona is the one with the more serious issues. She is quirky and successful with an interesting profession that makes her more interesting but her past made her see life in an entirely different light. And maybe she carved a path out for herself but she still self-destructs and doesn’t really gets out of her little bubble she created as a safe place. She manages her demons, keeps them in bay but doesn’t overcome them. She needs a nudge for that and Hunter appearance and his persistence provide this inceptive. As more and more thing came to light about Fiona childhood her behavior became more and more understandable. Beside this Hunter problems seem minor. And honestly he lost a lot in my eyes after his secret came to light because his problem or his reaction to it kind of disappointing. Still he is strong, understanding and caring, he provides the perfect support for Fiona.

I enjoyed the book but can’t agree with the easiness of the conclusion or the way it came to. Fiona issues are way deeper and serious than the conclusion suggest. It’s not something that can be overcome just by falling in love and finding a new family.


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