Review “Blade bound”

32941327Title: Blade Bound
Author: Chloe Neill
Series: Chicagoland Vampires #13
Genres: Romance, Urban fantasy, Paranorma romance
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Since the night of her brutal attack and unwilling transformation to vampire, Merit’s stood as Sentinel and protector of Chicago’s Cadogan House. She’s saved the Windy City from the forces of darkness time and again with her liege and lover, Ethan Sullivan, by her side.

When the House is infiltrated and Merit is attacked by a vampire seemingly under the sway of dark magic, Merit and Ethan realize the danger is closer than they could have ever imagined. As a malign sorcery spreads throughout the city, Merit must go to war against supernatural powers beyond her comprehension. It’s her last chance to save everything—and everyone—she loves.

My Thoughts

I received an ARC copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.

For those of you who didn’t read all of the previous books in the Chicagoland Vampires series this review may contain some minor spoilers.

This book provided me with a bittersweet experience as I was looking forward to a particular event that’s supposed to happen in this story but this also means that one of my favorite paranormal series comes to an end. But to be honest with you I completely satisfied with how Merit and Ethan adventures came to a conclusion, the story arch thorough the series followed a beautiful and exciting path until it reached a peaceful and happy point.

Merit is a little bit different from her usual headstrong, confident and initiative self. At the beginning of the story she is serene and happy but she feels that something is coming, waiting for the other shoe to drop. After said shoe drops in a quite spectacular way she starts to doubt herself. She is still brave and runs into danger if she needed but she starts to question her future and it’s a bit unusual from her. It dampens the mood of the plot and its true for the whole book, the more sedate atmosphere and it’s not so energetic than the previous books Merit and Ethan is more passive in this story than in others. The limelight is more focused on Mallory this time; she is the one who works on solutions and such.

I have to problem with the book but only one of them is something that is really relevant the other is just a personal thing. The relevant one is that I think the storyline is not balanced well. I mean this is a 380 pages story and over 100 of this concentrates on the wedding which is cute and happy but for me it had an epilogue-y feeling and nothing eventful went down during this period. This part of the plot is too detailed for my taste. I need action. Not to mention after the happy- go-lucky atmosphere this particular event creates there is a really sharp negative change mood wise.
The other thing that bothered me was the fact that the whole series which is 13 books is takes place a little over than a year. It never really occurred to me to follow the dates and such in the books but the huge amount of conflict that goes on in the stories suggest a longer period of time. For it only being a year I just couldn’t wrap my head around it and unfortunately I couldn’t avoid it either because it’s mentioned at least 10 times during the story. But as I said earlier this one is just a personal thing.

The characters settle every question, emotional or otherwise that ever occurred in the books they encounter every supernatural faction they ever met in the stories even if only briefly and some already resolved issues rear their head time to time. So this book kinda brings back memories from Merit journey to becoming a fierce protector of Chicago and the vampires.  I really pleased with how things went down and especially loved the last chapter in which we are witnesses an adorable encounter which also foreshadows the possible new lead of the rumored spin-off series.



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