3 stars

Review ‘Last wish’

Title: Last wish
Author: Helen Harper
Series: Highland magic #4
Genres: Fantasy,  Magic, Romance, Paranormal romance
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It’s not easy pretending to be dead – especially when it feels as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Between an unfulfilled prophecy, the demon-occupied Lowlands, the continuing power of murderous Aifric Moncrieffe – not to mention her constant yearnings for Byron – Integrity Adair has a lot to worry about.

Still, how hard can it really be to save Scotland, maintain her morals, get the guy and keep her sense of humour?

I really like Helen Harper writing style she creates such interesting and creative backgrounds to her stories. This is true about her Highland magic series too. I liked the other books in the series and was really exciting about this book the last one in the series. Unfortunately, this one is kind of a disappointment for me.

As for expected from the final book in a series everything gets solved and HEA and such. But after 3 relatively long book which is full off contemplating possibilities and upturning secrets this one is progressing in light speed and everything is rushed. The characters without any kind of plan miraculously knew what to do or how to solve things. The whole plot felt forced and rough-and-ready kind of a wild goose chase. I think this series needed on more book or a little bit more finesse. So it’s not so surprising that I’m not really satisfied with the final conclusion or the way it happened.
One good thing is that a slow burning romance that is budding from the first meeting of the main characters is finally bears fruit. Not that I minded this type of romance since the author portrays them in a quite ingenious way and it’s just working with her stories.

“I rather liked the idea of being Hercule Poirot; maybe I could invest in a moustache to twirl at appropriate moments. Hot pink, of course”
– Integrity

Integrity resourceful and sarcastic personality plummets a bit thanks to her ‘suffering’ because she misses Byron, but it was caused by her idea in the first place so I can’t really justify it. She makes decisions really rashly and in this book her selfishness emerges. Her borderline pacifist view also so focused that she doesn’t see a lot of obvious things right before her eyes.
Byron finally opens his eyes and sees his father obvious guilt but why only when he supposedly lost the one thing he wanted but his father stood in his way. He also starts to makes plans but he is a bit naïve regarding others motives which is a crucial flaw in his plan of action.
Aifric shows his true colors the maniac, delusional and psychotic one. After this development I just couldn’t believe how he fooled everybody with his act for years.
My favorite character is still Bob he is really funny and the perfect ally for Integrity adventures. The other characters in Integrity teams made some quips that made me feel like they only help Integrity because of the fame or/and money. I know that it’s probably not the case I still felt more and more like it as the series progressed.


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