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Review ‘Athena’s Raid’

Title: Athena Raid
Author: Isabel Wroth
Series: Perdition MC #2
Genres: Romance, Military, Adult
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He longed for the feeling of the wind on his face, the sound of his Harley roaring in his ears, the smell of the road. But now, all he felt was pain, all he heard was the guy down the hall screaming for help, all he smelled was blood, piss, and the death he was being denied. Paralyzed from the hips down after being hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, he was stuck in his hospital bed remembering days gone by when he’d had something worth living for. His club. His brothers. Hadn’t heard from those bastards for years now, and he wasn’t going to call them just to see the pity on their faces when they realized he’d never ride again. The nurse who tormented him brought him a letter, and everything changed.

She’d never thought he would write her back, she’d just sent a letter to a random soldier in the hospital, not knowing how else to give back, and after six months of being pen pals, she’d developed quite a crush on the guy. On Raid. But then after asking to come visit him in the hospital, he vehemently told her no, and hadn’t responded to any more letters. It left her wondering if she’d been catfished, left her wondering if the break from reality his letters had given her, the connection she’d thought they had, was nothing but words on a page.
One letter, and everything changed. Who’d have thought?

My Thoughts

I really liked the story of the first book but the writing wasn’t the best. In this case it’s the opposite in more than one way. For one the writing style improved a lot, became cleaner but I didn’t enjoy the plot as much. I think it’s less exciting. On the other hand I was missing the action from the first book and in this there is much more of it but the conflicts are kinda predictable and there are a lot of things left unresolved in it at the end. The romance however stayed strong as ever. It’s really explosive part of the plot and the chemistry between the characters is quite powerful. Al in all I felt that the storyline is a bit unbalanced and once again rushed but enjoyable and interesting.

With Athena we gain get a badass, strong and spunky main character which I personally love in books. But in her case it is more subtle; she is not so vocal about it than Everly was. Not to mention that her new age side and her mannerism smooth it out even more.
Raid is just as alpha and possessive as Roar was and his transformation goes in a similar way, too. There is not too much difference between them.

My favorite part about the book was Athena dog and they had some hilarious scenes with him. I also really liked that we get to see into the previous characters life too a little bit. It serves as an epilogue to the first book as well.


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