Top Ten Tuesday- My top ten auto-buy authors

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week topic is the top ten authors I liked to meet or already met. Well since I live in middle Europe and mostly read from American, Canadian  or Australian authors my chances to me any of the is really slim. So I decided to make a little twits on it and write about my Top 10 auto-buy authors whom are most likely the once I would like to meet. Or just get a signed copy of their book.

They are not in any particular order just randomly numbered. It was not easy to choose only 10 because I have a couple of more but decided to put only those authors here who I read and loved more than 4 books from. They all have phenomenal style and incredible imaginations.

  1. Bella Jewel
  2. Ilona Andrews (I know they are particularly a duo but in this case I count them as one, sorry)
  3. Rick Riordan
  4. Scarlett Dawn
  5. Lani Lynn Vale
  6. Helen Harper
  7. Tijan
  8. J. McAvoy
  9. Vi Keeland
  10. Suzanne Wright

Author: Viki

I’m 23 years old and currently I’m studying civil engineering. In my spare time (which I have quite a lot) I’m ususally reading or watching my favourite TV shows, but I like drawing too. I read almost anything but my favourit genres are New Adult and Paranormal Romance. I quite like werewolfs stories, they are my sweethearts. I couldn’t choose a favourite book, but I really like Ilona Andrews, Bec Botefurh and Chantal Fernando’s books. But I read a lot so I have to many favoured books that it’s just impossible to choose from.

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