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Review ‘Silver swan’

32941327Title: Silver swan
Author: Amo Jones
Series: The elite king’s club #1
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, New adult, Dark
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Riddle me this…
“I am neither dead, nor alive, and I’m not something little Madison can hide.
But you will be dead, by the time this is done…
the timer starts now, and the games have just begun…”
Madison Montgomery comes from money and power, but when someone close to her commits the ultimate crime, Madison must live with her tainted name for the rest of her life. When she begins Riverside Preparatory Academy, the private school her father has swept her into in The Hamptons, she hopes for a fresh start. What she wasn’t hoping for was the pack of bad boys who run the school; ten, to be exact. When Madison gains the attention of their leader, Bishop Vincent Hayes, a whole new world that she didn’t think existed is exposed to her. A whole world that starts and ends with The Elite Kings Club and these boys, are about to flip her world upside down. Secrets are overflowing and family lies are about to be exposed. Is there more to Madison Montgomery than even she knows?

My Thoughts

This was a greatly confusing but strangely fascinating story. I didn’t really found much of logic behind the events and couldn’t understand the motive moving the characters, but I enjoyed it. Also the amount of unexplained mystery, secrets and the ending definitely compels you to look forward to the next book. Maybe that one is going to shed some light to things.

This book has a really intriguing concept but as I stated above it is really confusing. My mind constantly tried to find some kind of reasoning or logic behind the whole ‘club’ thing which could have explained the motive behind the boys’ actions but honestly I couldn’t see it. Maybe if there was some kind of supernatural element to it but this was purely contemporary. So yeah, it frustrated me to no ends that I couldn’t understand the events. Not to mention that it seemed like every character kept secrets upon secrets, they were popping up everywhere but since none of them gets an explanation or even a full reveal it just added to the confusion.
The complexity of the plot doesn’t let you focus on one thing so the whole story is kinda disoriented. Especially since Madison the main character also doesn’t always concentrate on the important things.

Madison used to be the center of the gossip mill thanks to her mother actions so it doesn’t affect her as much, she has a spunk and a  really independent, strong  and thick skinned personality but as the story progresses it turns out that all of this is just a front and how deeply vulnerable she is.  I liked her despite her ‘masochistic’ streak. Because let’s be honest after what the boys did to her she still sought out their company and treats them as friends is not really a normal behavior. There is a lot of things left in the shadows regarding her too and they are mainly things I’m the most interested about. For example thing with her mother. I also liked her relationship with a certain boy from the club but more like the possibilities and the idea of it because they don’t have a conventional relationship or even one I could condone.

What I’m really sorry about is that the boys’ characters are not really developed, the only present by name but most of their personality doesn’t show even a little bit. Because of this there is no possibility to create the dynamism I usually love in books where 1 girl falls into a group of boys creating a bond. I really hope they are going to improve in the next installment or at least some of them. I particularly like Bishop and Nate, but I really curious about Brantley to thanks to his surly attitude.

There are plenty WTF moments in this book, paired with graphic and appealing scenes, but the mystery its shrouded in just grabs you and makes it impossible to put it down. This is a dark, dark book.



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