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Review ‘Charlie’s whiskey’

Title: Charlie’s whiskey
Author: Harlow Brown
Genres: Romance, Suspense
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Charlie Winstead pushes aside the pain and anguish she suffers daily and puts all her energy into her women’s softball team, the Regulators. If only temporarily, the abuse bestowed upon her by her boyfriend halts for the time that she is behind the plate. Hensley has been her boyfriend for three years and the relationship progressed into a domestic nightmare. Realizing this, Charlie does what she needs to do to protect herself.

Whiskey Williams is a patched member of the Chosen Legion motorcycle club. He finds himself running from a dark and dirty past, looking for a new start. He relies on his brothers from the mother charter to help him. Once he arrives in Rudy, he sees Charlie and knows something has to be done to help her. However, seeing as she is fresh out of her abusive relationship, she wants nothing to do with men.

Will the attraction between the two be enough to make Charlie give the troubled biker a chance? Or will he strike out?
The game of love is not as easy as three up, three down.

My Thoughts

When I first saw this book the cover immediately captivated me so I didn’t even read the synopsis before starting the book. Sometimes this method works not so much with this book. This case teaches me not to expect miracles just judging by a pretty and inviting picture. I don’t usually give such a low rating only for books I can’t bear to finish but this story just didn’t agree with me even if I fought myself through it.

The bare bones, the idea behind the plot has it merits and potential but everything else in it is chaotic and not really believable. What bothered me the most was the feeling the writing style caused in me. In my opinion the writing style is extremely aggressive and forcefully tries to make me think certain things about the characters and the plot it didn’t let me make my own conclusions. It presented everything as a fact there is not the slightest room for open interpretation or just for your own opinion. Plus there is an insane amount of word to word repetition in the book.
Then there is the main character Charlie whom I just couldn’t identify with the scared abuse victim she was supposed to portray. Her reactions, her mannerism even her feelings were just not genuine enough for me. She is so detached thorough the whole story for her to became a maniac at the end. For me her personality and the character she represented clashed, didn’t go together. But her character is not the only barley authentic character in the story.

The love story is an insta-love on wrap speed; Whiskey and Charlie go from total strangers to soul mates that can’t live without each other in the span of a couple of day.

My opinion about the book is: raw unpolished writing style with a rushed pot, insta-love and a lot of out of the blue events spiced up with immature conversations. The characters don’t have too much depth but do a lot of soul searching and heart to heart. Maybe I had high expectations for it or just wasn’t in the right mindset but in the end I didn’t like it at all.



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