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Review ‘Trickery’

32941327Title: Trickery
Author: Jaymin Eve & Jane Washington
Series: Curse of the Gods #1
Genres: Romance, Paranormal, Magic
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Willa Knight: Dweller. Slave. Non-magical being.

In Minatsol, being a dweller means that you are literally no better than dirt. In fact, dirt might actually be more useful than Willa. Her life will be one of servitude to the sols, the magic-blessed beings who could one day be chosen to become gods.

At least her outer village is far removed from the cities of the sols, and she won’t ever be forced to present herself to them… Until one small mistake changes everything, and Willa is awarded a position to serve at Blesswood, the top sol academy in the world—a position that she definitely did not earn.

Under the sudden, watchful eye of the gods, she will be tasked to serve the Abcurse brothers, five sols built of arrogance, perfection and power. They are almost gods themselves, and under their service she is either going to end up sentenced to death, or else they are going to ruin her so badly that she will wish for it.

Either way, she is in trouble.

My Thoughts

OMG! I absolutely loved this book. I don’t know when the last time when I enjoyed a story this was much. The writing is amazing; the plot is really entertaining, exciting, funny and original at the same time. I all out for this book and can’t wait for the next one. Luckily it’s only a short wait.

Willa the main character is really complex. At times she is acts like a simpleton and the simplest tasks require an in depth explanation for her on the other hand she shows numerous times how smart and adaptive she is really. She is also a terrible klutz, calls it her curse and I have my suspicions about the future relevance of this particular trait of hers. But she may be klutzy but brave, sarcastic and open minded and tendency to go with the flow without overanalyzing everything. See important things others don’t pay attention to and she is a real survivalist. She is adorable and I loved her interactions with the boys.
The five Abcurse, Coen, Rome, Siret, Yael and Aros are kind of standoffish and acts superior towards everybody ( for a good reason as it turns out later). They doesn’t care for authority and play by their own rules. Their powers are really strange and not really the conventional ones writers usually use but they are strong and effective. Their bond is great and for some reasons not clear for them either, they like Willa a lot. They accept her instantly. Their adventures are amazing and action packed.

I really like the storyline and where it heads. Really the only thing that I can think of as a problem with the book is the world building. It’s their and mostly explained but I think it’s a bit sketchy, has some holes in it but nothing the authors can’t ‘correct’ or expand in the other books to come in the series.


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