4 stars · Viki's review

Review ‘Tyed’

Title: Tyed
Author: L.J. Shen
Series: Standalone
Genres: Romance, NA, Contemporary, Fighter, Sports, MMA
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Rock bottom has built way more champions than privilege ever has. Blaire, an underachieving college student with zero prospects and a ton of issues (hey, being the less-successful twin of a gorgeous supermodel would totally do that to you) needs something from Ty. Mixed Martial artist Ty, a soon-to-be Welterweight champion of the Xtreme Warrior League and the hottest guy in the Bay Area, wants something from Blaire. But Ty has a secret. And Blaire can barely even handle his truths. Life is about to throw a few knockout punches at both of them. Can they handle the pain?

My Thoughts

I heard and read a lot of good things about L.J. Shen’s books so I thought it’s time for me to read one myself. When I was looking through her available works my eye stopped on this one and after scanning through the synopsis my determination just solidified.

This was a great story with a solid writing style and interesting characters but I felt it also was a bit over dramatized regarding Blaire inner turmoil and the whole conflict was really dragged out. I mean this one is not an overly long book, yet the last quarter strained my patient a bit. I was even contemplating skipping a few chapters. Despite this little hiccup I enjoyed the book quite a bit.
Tyed is a sport romance but it shows more of the darker side of the professional sports world not to mention the whole topic is presented in a new way with the whole interview thing.

Blaire character disappointed me a bit on different fronts. She starts out as I expected her to be based on the synopsis. She is sarcastic, opinionated, outgoing and carefree, but this ‘illusion’ quickly dissolves about her and turns behind all this she is just hiding a fragile and insecure girl and as she opens up more and more she become mushy and a bit depressing true be honest. Also I expected her to be more bitter about her successful, loved by all and beautiful sister but in the end Blaire was the one who had to comfort her and stand up for her. I couldn’t understand why Blaire judges and kinda punishes so severely Ty for his distant past and doesn’t take into account their experiences and talks into account. She believes everybody else before listening to Ty explanation or even to her heart.

“What the hell is he, anyway? Latino? Asian? Mixed Caucasian? He looks like he’s been photoshopped by a bunch of horny teenagers.”

“Step Away, Coffee. This Is A Job For Alcohol.”

Ty made some serious mistakes in his past but back then he didn’t see another way. But he is already on the right path when he meets Blaire. He is sexy, focused and has a quick temper. He was a womanizer but after getting to know Balire he is really straight forward with his intentions and really patient with the girl. Their relationship progresses quite slowly which in my opinion also shows his hones interest in the girl. He is strong and cocky but when he is with Blaire he takes on a calmer and kinder personality. He has a serious secret but I could understand why he didn’t open with that when he was trying to build a relationship. The chemistry between them is absolutely amazing and they kinda became the motivation for each other to be better, to want more from life.

The secondary characters aren’t too deeply developed but some of them still irritated me. For example I really didn’t get Shane and Izy conflict. Not to mention Shane was a horrible and meddling friend.


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