2.5 stars · Viki's review

Review ‘False Start’

Title: False Start
Author: Julianna Marley
Series: The Mavericks #1
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Sports, Drama, NA
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Alivia Monaghan had it all: a successful business, happy children, and her husband Jax Monaghan, the love of her life. Until the day Jax made a choice that altered their lives and crushed Alivia harder than a quarterback sack. Football hero Jax Monaghan hadn’t had it easy in life despite his thriving football career and he always destroyed everything beautiful he’s ever had. That was until he met his wife, Alivia, who had taught him what love and family was all about. But when he watches his wife fall apart due to his decisions he’s reminded just what he is capable of – and he makes what he thinks is the ultimate sacrifice. Walking away. When Jax returns home in order to be closer to his children, he can’t help but want to be closer with Alivia again as well. But the brutal reality of his choices keep knocking him back to the starting line. As the past threatens them further apart, Jax and Alivia are forced to line up together and play for the same team. Had their entire marriage been a trick play? Or was it simply just a false start into their happily ever after?

My Thoughts

Let me start with the fact that I kind of mixed-up this book with something else which became completely obvious after the first couple of pages. I thought this book is something else but if I started it why not finish it also. Right? One more thing, this review may contain some spoiler but I going to try and use the less amount of it.

Looking back my notes this one ended up being a rant. I had some issues with the characters and some with the plot itself. My opinion about the story is like a roller coaster, a wild ride. The book has its ups and downs, heavier on the downs. The first few chapters are so syrupy sweet and cheese that I contemplated abandoning the book at numerous occasions. You now I see stars align in yours eye and your smile is the brightest moment of my day kind of sweet, the one that gives you a toothache. I wasn’t in the mood for a story like this so I struggled with these chapters. But then happens a miraculous time leap and I just was like: ‘Ok! What’s going on? I’m intrigued!’ After this point the plot took flight but unfortunately not for long. It didn’t take long for the characters to start to make stupid decisions or overdramatize most of the events which annoyed me to no ends because the source of the whole conflict is simple miscommunication or more likely the stubbornness of the characters.

The story is told in a dual point of view of the two main characters. Alivia, who is a control freak workaholic who as it turns out a bit mental at times. She places a lot of undue stress and pressure on herself, doesn’t learn from her past at all. And to boost this she surpasses her emotions to protect her children, there is no anger from her she pushes everything down. She is really stubborn regarding her problems with Jax, she is afraid to talk with him but just because thanks to her father she projects her disappointment and worst expectations onto him. But after hearing Jax stupid explanation she seemingly forgives him a bit too easily but still doesn’t let herself fall back to their old ways completely. That’s why she runs without thinking at the first sight of confrontation. Her forgiveness got the wind out of my sails regarding how the plot cloud more dynamically it takes the emotional edge away.
Jax is simply stupid and runs at the worst possible movement. He blames himself for thing he has no reason to which cases him to make moronic decisions. After he realizes his mistakes he simply expects things to go back to normal without any kind of explanations.
Their relationship progressed like a whirlwind and this means they left out important steps like discussing their past. This caused huge problems for them. They are irritatingly stubborn and they are also stuck in a bad place. Some of their reasoning I could understand but still saw the faults in them as an outsider.

I think this book is too long for the plot and even so it has exciting events in it and some steamy scenes it doesn’t bode well for my valuation that a couple of times I was thinking that ‘When is this going to end?’


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