4.5 stars

Tijan – Broken and Screwed (Broken and Screwed #1)

Alexandra’s older brother died the night he graduated. That day changed everything for her. No longer was she the party girl. No longer did she care about being popular and no longer was her family the happy unit she always thought existed. The only person who could help her heal is the same person who loved her brother as much as she did, his best friend. She only hopes to keep her entire heart from breaking when Jesse will move on, and she knows he will. After Ethan died, Jesse excelled at basketball, partying, and girls. He used it all to turn his emotions off, but the irony was that Alex was the only person who could do that for him. She helped him forget, but she was the one person he shouldn’t be with because the secrets he knows could shatter everything. They could shatter her.
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I love Tijan’s writing style so I read pretty much everything from her i can get my hands on. Thats the case in here too. The author has a great style in which she can write about the grittiest or strangest topic it’s still interesting and captivating. No wonder she is one of my favorite authors.

Broken and screwed is a haunting and painful story. It’s about getting over the tragic and unexpected loss of one of the most important person in your life. How the already fragile life can became simply existing in a blink of an eye. This book sucked me in completely from the first page and left me with an incredible experience.

After the death of Ethan Alex is left alone, since her mother simply checks out and her father escapes into his work. Alex becomes the empty shell of the once carefree teenage, she distances herself from her friends and only Jesse provides some kind of peace for her. However Jesse also changed a lot since the death of his best friend, he is a womanizer and for sure not boyfriend material. He is bound to break Alex heart. The girl knows this and desperately hopes to survive when it happens. I simply adored how Tijan depicts the struggle and fight they go through for the sake of their sanity and hopefully for a relationship. The whole book is in Alex point of view but we still get a clear picture what can possibly go on in Jesse head.

The book has a lot of colorful character what’s interesting that most of them fall into the hard to like category thanks to their personality. Still they don’t take the story in the wrong direction like they could. Beside this for me Alex seems kind of a weak character, at least at first read. If you pay a bit more attention to the story you can notice how strong and resilient she is in fact. Despite her hardship and tragic past she lives a relatively normal life and doesn’t self destruct. She has deep emotional scars and while I don’t agree with some of her actions, decisions I can understand them. Both her and Jesse need to find themselves before they can think about happiness.

The book is not too eventful but not in the wrong way. It’s more of an emotional story than an action packed one. We follow Alex along the path of healing, this in itself gives enough content to the plot and there is no need for more drama. Although Alex girlfriends provides some teenage drama to the plot. They are both extremely insecure and have a lot of problems, but I could have lived without knowing it.
A lot of things gets discussed in the story and a lot of questions gets answered but there is still a huge amount of problems regarding Alex that doesn’t get resolved which made the story somewhat lacking, unfinished. I just hope in the next book I get answers for these too.

Once again a beautiful and emotionally charged story from Tijan. I didn’t expect to love this one as much as I did but the author once again did not disappointed.


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