4 stars

Layla Frost – Hyde and Seek (Hyde #1)

Piper Skye is rock ‘n’ roll. She’s party all night, sleep all day. She’s get wild and be free. Or she would be if she had the time. And the energy. And not being so awkward would probably help, too. As the owner of a thriving dessert business, Piper spends her days at school and her nights elbow deep in batter and frosting. She’s confident her hard work and sacrifice will pay off as long as she stays focused and sticks to the plan. Jake Hyde is a workaholic with a jaded outlook on life. Surrounding himself with employees he considers his brothers, he long ago made the decision that his custom garage would be his focus. Fate, as it often does, has other ideas. Plus, a killer sense of humor. Thrown together by coincidence, the gruff mechanic and the sweet as sin baker have instant sparks. Suddenly, all of their carefully made plans have taken a giant freakin’ left turn. And they do it on the back of a Harley.


This is a marvelous debuting novel from this author and after finishing it I was wondering why it took me this long to read it. In all honesty I started this book a couple of times but I just wasn’t the mood for it or couldn’t get into it either times. Well this time I devoured the book in one sitting faster than I could blink.

Piper is an amazing character. I would say that she is mature for her age but that is not the right world. More like she is established if it makes sense. She knows exactly what she wants in life and works for it tirelessly. But she also has a playful and unique personality. Her conversations with herself are hilarious. She had a proper and conservative upbringing yet she has a free spirited and rebellious personality. She is really confident and doesn’t let other people’s opinion cloud her judgment. When she trusts someone she does it without reserves until they prove otherwise. She is honest and doesn’t pretend or plays games. Her connection with the Hyde team is instant and honest and their dynamics are a huge boost to the story. One little thing I found a bit unrealistic that everybody she meets is unbelievable beautiful and they instantly falls in love with her.
Jake has been burned in the past so have a lot of insecurities and doubts regarding his relationship with Piper or just commitments as in general, even if Piper doesn’t give any reasons for him to doubt her. In the relationship he is the instable, insecure one for a change. He is an alpha male and really successful but lives a relatively simple life. He doesn’t flaunt his wealth.
The age difference which is quite big (and I usually don’t like those) didn’t bother me much since Piper personality balances out the effect of it. The connection and the dynamic between the two characters are magical.

“My general vibe screamed ‘introvert!’ Actually, I don’t think you can scream introvert, but it definitely mumbled it.”

„Sometimes the road to happily ever after isn’t smooth and easy. You have to fight through trials and obstacles to get there. There are dragons and big, bad wolves in disguise to defeat. Riding in a carriage with a prince wouldn’t get you over those bumps and twists. Sometimes the road to your happily ever after is on the back of a bike with a badass knight that would kick the prince’s ass if he came near you.”

It is a phenomenal story with romance, humor and just the right amount of tension but after Piper and Jake got together the storyline suffered a bit due to the insane amount of sex scenes. Don’t get me wrong they are brilliantly written and steamy scenes from their life but I need a little balance between these steamy snippets and the actual plot and not just a ‘the last couple of weeks were fantastic‘ line connecting two such scenes. Something a bit more substantial to bridge the events and the time between them. This is one thing I missed from the book writing style or structure wise.
I liked the fact that I had no idea who is the stalker right until the person identity got revealed and it surprised me.

Overall this is a dynamic and entertaining read if not a bit too long. I liked it and really exciting about the other characters story too. One more thing I need to mention the events after the big reveal and conflict are a bit dragged out and the closing is longer than necessary.


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