4.5 stars

Gini Koch – Alien in the Family (Katherine “Kitty” Katt #3)

Planning any wedding is hard enough, but Katherine “Kitty” Katt and Jeff Martini have a lot more to worry about than seating arrangements, because multiple inter-stellar invasions, Alpha Team in mortal peril, and inter-alien conspiracies are all on the guest list—and the gifts they’ve brought contain some explosive surprises. The discovery that Martini is actually a member of the Alpha Centaurion Royal Family brings additional bad news—emissaries are on their way to see if Kitty’s royal bride material. And they’re not the only things coming from the Alpha Centauri system. Amazonian assassins, spies, alien beasties, shape-shifters, and representatives from the Planetary Council, combined with a tabloid reporter who’s a little too on the mark, create a deadly situation for Kitty and the rest of Alpha Team. When the assassins strike far too close to home for anyone’s comfort, Kitty realizes it’s going to come down to more than throwing a bouquet—she’s going to have to face an entire planetary consciousness and dethrone a monarch in order to make it to the church on time…
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After the previous two books I had pretty high expectations towards this one too. Lucky for me it doesn’t disappoint. I absolutely loved it. I try to write as spoil free review as possible but I can’t promise anything.

All of my favorite characters return and their personality and abilities improve a lot. Christopher takes a back seat in this story but Reader, my personal favorite gets a more prominent role. I adore the connection, the relationship between Kitty and Reader, they are the dynamic duo of the series. However Reader gave me a scare there for a little while but fortunately nothing permanent.

Kitty is her usual fierce, sarcastic and incredibly funny self. Probably one of the best narrator for this series and overall in books I ever read. She doesn’t tolerate or takes stupidity or insults from anybody without retribution and she is not willing to change for anything sake. She is stubborn and resilient with an overactive imagination.

Plot wise this is the first book in the series where the things run on several different threads, beside the crazy world domination there is the wedding, the family drama and the Amazons. All of this creates a tangled mess of problems which waits for Kitty and her team to slowly resolve amidst flying bullets and in a limited time. Which means Kitty has to deal with not only with alien assassins and council but Jeff whole family and his AC responsibilities and surprising titles?

During the whole book which is quite long, our little love birds spends precariously short time together. But this only makes their interactions so much more intensive and impactful. I especially liked their little squabbles and arguments, they are quite enjoyable.

Alien in the family is an action packed, exciting, surprising and full of humor. This is the first book where Kitty shows her capabilities in hand to hand combats, up close and personal or that she can talk herself out of anything. There are also a lot of new characters and Kitty team gets new additions. This book proves once again that its worth my time.


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