3.5 stars

Lani Lynn Vale – Bang Switch (Code 11-KPD SWAT #3)

Lachlan Downy was a lover, not a fighter. Okay, he wouldn’t lie, he was a fighter, too. But nobody had to know that. Especially not Memphis Tennessee Conner and her stuffy attitude when it came to cops and ‘men like him.’ Memphis knew cops. Her daddy was a cop. He was also the president of a motorcycle club. Needless to say, he’s about as alpha as they come, and she’s tired of overbearing men who think they know how to run her life better than she does. So when Downy comes into her life running his smooth talking mouth, she realizes that she’ll have to stand strong against his pretty words and promises to give her what she needs. Downy is determined, though. He’s the hostage negotiator for KPD SWAT, and he’s never met a person, man or woman, he couldn’t talk around into his way of thinking. Although, Memphis is about to show him just how much he miscalculated. Seems Downy may not be as smooth as he thought, and Memphis is just the girl to show him the error of his ways.


Lani Lynn Vale is kind of a go to girl for me. When I don’t know what to read next I pick up one of her book (if I have one I didn’t read yet), because no matter what kind of mood I’m in I know that I will like it and won’t struggle getting into it. And it always proves right.

I really liked Bang Switch. It was a funny and exciting read with a lot of unexpected twist. I liked the main characters and their pairing even more dispite that I don’t like when there is a big age difference between the hero and the heroine. They somehow worked and had an outstanding dinamism.

On a side note just a couple interesting facts for me:
Kilgore and Benton supposed to be small towns still have more crime mainly organized ones than some capital cities on the world. It isn’t really a bad thing especially since they’re tastefully written, but some could say the author went a live ones the top with them.
I also like how her books and even serieses interlock, I love that I can hear a stuff about previous main characters after their story finished, kind of like an extended epilouge.

What a hated the most was the mentions out references to Michael and Nikki’s story, relationship. It getting to a stage where I dislike them way before their book comes out. Not cool.

Overall I liked the story, it’s a solid read, not the best from the author but quite enjoyable.


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