4 stars

Nicole Christie – Falling for the Ghost of You

Seventeen year old Violet Mercer returns home from her summer vacation in Hawaii to discover her boyfriend’s cheating on her with a friend. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her mother’s marrying a man she just met. Things take an awkward turn when Violet meets her rich new stepfather, and his gorgeous son—the hot guy whom she made a fool of herself in front of earlier that day! Zane O’ Connor is sexy and charming, and way out of her league. He makes her forget her ex-boyfriend even existed. But there’s no way she’d ever have a chance with him… right? Through a strange turn of events, Violet finds herself living with Zane for a month. Somewhere between the fighting and flirting, they become friends. And it isn’t long before that friendship blooms into something else… something more powerful than Violet anticipated. But Zane is hiding something from her–something big enough to tear them apart if Violet ever discovered the truth about him. Her suspicions keep her from trusting him completely. She’s been burned before—is she willing to take that risk again? As she and Zane spend more time together, Violet realizes it’s too late: she’s fallen for the beautiful boy with the big secret. Will she get her heart broken twice in one year—or will her love survive the truth?


After I read Tijan’s Fallen Crest High which I absolutely fallen in love with I started to look for similar stories on Goodreads. That’s how I found this book. My only problem with it is that it’s a standalone book. What a shame, really.

Violet is a funny 17 years old girl, at least I laughed a lot on her behavior. She is just an ordinary young girl, not someone from the popular crowd but not an outsider either. When her mother announces her out of the blue and sudden engagement she gets thrown off balance. What’s more her future step-father has a 20 years old, absolutely gorgeous so, Zane. What does she knows about him? Let’s see: he is a womanizer who has a revolving door of girls at his beck and call, he is filthy rich and not really careful with his money. Still she is immensely attracted to him and can’t hide it. Then she has to spend a lot of time with him out of necessity which gives her the opportunity to get to know him better. And surprise surprise maybe her feelings are not so one sided after all. They start a hot secret relationship because of their parents’ upcoming nuptials. Things quickly get more serious between them but Violet doesn’t know a lot of things and the secrets can be really destructive.

The story is a funny, emotional and eventful. Some of the things that leaves Violet and her mother mouth are frenetic sometimes it even made me blush. However the secrets are overflowing in the plot and put a heavy pressure on the characters. And a big brownie point for the author because she made me feel the presence of the secret but I had no idea what it is.
This pressure gets intensified by Violet over the top and extreme jealousy. Some of it originated from her inexperience with relationship some out of her sometimes childish behavior. Her tantrums became a bit irritating after a while.
Zane tried to rule, hold back his feelings but Violet persistence break his determination down. Their relationship has its up and downs in a short period of time. It develops rapidly and the chemistry between them is palpable. Things get heated between them a lot but things don’t get intimate for a really long time. It gets dragged out.

This one was a really great read I glad I found it.


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