4 stars

Gini Koch – Touched by an Alien (Katherine “Kitty” Katt #1)

Marketing manager Katherine “Kitty” Katt had just finished a day on jury duty. When she stepped out of the Pueblo Caliente courthouse, all she was thinking about was the work she had to get caught up on. Then her attention was caught by a fight between a couple that looked like it was about to turn ugly. But ugly didn’t even begin to cover it when the “man” suddenly transformed into a huge, winged monster right out of a grade Z science fiction movie and went on a deadly killing spree. In hindsight, Kitty realized she probably should have panicked and run screaming the way everyone around her was doing. Instead she sprinted into action to take down the alien. In the middle of all the screeching and the ensuing chaos, a hunk in an Armani suit suddenly appeared beside her, introduced himself as Jeff Martini with “the agency,” and then insisted on leading her to a nearby limo to talk to his “boss.” And that was how Kitty’s new life among the aliens began…
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Usually I’m not a fan of books about aliens, but when I saw the cover of this book I fallen in love with it and decided to give the story a try. And what a good decision it was! Moreover I think I just discovered one of my favorite series.
After reading I have to say the cover is perfectly summarizes what happened in the book and it gives a pretty whole picture of the plot. I loved the little clues hidden on the cover.

Gini Koch’s writing style creates a funny and light atmosphere for the story and I laughed a lot during reading. So honestly for me just this little aspect sold the book because I love when I can laugh about a story. The main characters (talking about the main team, 6 or so character) are all absolutely amazing and deeply developed personalities no matter how much role they got in the plot. It’s easy to understand their decisions and actions; they aren’t overly complicated but not one dimensional either. Also it’s not hard to identify with any of them so during reading I pretty much felt like one of the bunch. The supportive characters however are bit bland and repetitive personalities. Practically every one of them falls into the same category: the unbelievable smart, incredible beautiful person which let’s be honest after a while gets infuriating a bit. Especially this little fact gets mentioned in every other chapter.

Kitty is a really strong a laid back character with a flavor to dramatics and flair. For me it’s a bit surprising how naturally and instinctively Kitty acts and reacts during the action scenes but her little quirks and solutions created a pretty entertaining and enjoyable storyline. She uses the most ordinary and everyday things, ideas to fight the bad guys creating the most ridiculous and funny situations. This leads to the biggest problem of the book. Usually it’s easy for me to get into the story and follow the thought process behind the plot, but this book is so much out of the realms of reality. Kitty behavior is pretty surreal if you think about it. She doesn’t flips out about anything and takes every obstacle seamlessly and without a hitch. Because if someone say to you that aliens are real and live among us that pretty much requires a reaction and not just an Ok. Well Kitty remains calm even after the revelation of a lot of monumental secret.

I read a lot of review about the book before reading it me and a lot of people criticized the way the characters uncovered the baddies hidden plans. They held a kind of debriefing sessions where they analyzed the whys and hows between them. At these parts of the story a lot of information is flaying around and sometimes it’s hard to follow. I on the other hand loved them. I think it’s quite funny and interesting how they get to the conclusion, making huge leaps out of nowhere. It makes the story unpredictable.

I really enjoyed this book and since the world got established and the characters introduced for the next book I expect it to be a bit more energetic and dynamic. This is a really hilarious and interesting story with the perfect balance of action and romance. If you like the lighter type of sci-fi and want to laugh then this is definitely your book.


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