4 stars

Alexa Reign – Ace

Ace Warner was at the prime of his life. His career was finally picking up steam, and the nation had wholeheartedly embraced him as the ultimate comeback king. But as Robert Frost so poignantly put it, nothing gold can stay. Just 5 years after marrying his high school sweetheart, his wife dies in a terrible car accident. Ace sinks into a deep depression, inconsolable from losing the love of his life. Only, to Ace, he was convinced that there was something more to the accident – namely, murder. Ace retires from the field and goes on a hunt for answers. When he comes up short, he eventually returns to the industry, trying his hand as a sportscaster at ASBC. There, he is introduced to one of his neighbors – a sexy, raven-haired stunner by the name of Victoria Vaughan. Victoria Vaughan has just hit her 30s. Deciding it was high time for a bump in her career, she moves to the Big Apple, bunking with her ultra-rich cousin as she settles into the city. She loves the dating scene, and settling down is the last thing on her mind. But when she meets Ace, her hunky ex-footballer of a neighbor, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, and only him. A mysterious letter prompts the crossing of their paths. This wasn’t just any letter; this may very well be the letter that held the key to all of Ace’s unanswered questions. But as their paths continue to intertwine, whether they like it or not, it soon becomes clear that everything happens for a reason…
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This book surprised me in a really pleasant way. It’s nothing like what I expected. Based on the blurb I thought it’s going to be like the usual second chance romances. You know where the two characters slowly heal each other and fall in love. Well yeah, this one is not like that. There is so much more to it and the storyline is full of surprises. I loved how the plot developed and liked the final conclusion, too.

The main characters are also quite different from the norm. I adored Victoria. She is a real laid back, independent, caring and rational character. She isn’t afraid to express herself or ashamed of her actions. She didn’t do anything to be ashamed of so she just went with it. She is just herself, doesn’t pretends to be otherwise, she also doesn’t overdramatize anything. A big plus for her personality in my opinion. I also loved how patient she is with Ace.
Ace is a bit confused and kind of given upon life even is he is afraid to admit it. He can’t get over the death of her wife and he is not willing to accept any kind of help. The blindness he shows toward this particular accident and fact (the death of her wife) causes a lot of trouble for him and the people around him.

This is a really good story but the execution of it could have used a couple of adjustments. For me it felt a little fragmented. You know when the pieces don’t fit exactly right. The chapters don’t connect in the right way or just missing some chapters, but otherwise it’s good.
Also I would have liked it more if Rosaline line got a cleaner closure, solution. That one felt like in the end the author avoided it. I think that the sport romance genre isn’t exactly true here because aside from Ace being an ex-football player and a sports commentator there isn’t much sport element to it.

I glad I read this book, it worth my time and since it’s a shorter story it doesn’t required much of it.


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