5 stars

Belle Aurora – Lev (Shot Callers #1)

From the moment Lev Leokov spots the young woman hiding behind her hair in the middle of the gentleman’s club, he can’t take his eyes off of her. For the very first time in his life, he is affected. Having been told his entire life that he can’t process or understand emotion, he considers it a big deal. When Mina Harris gets caught red-handed with a wallet that isn’t hers, she falls apart. She’s tired, lonely and hasn’t eaten in days. Lev offers her an ultimatum… A nice warm bed, a hot meal and a job, or the cops. Mina takes her chances with Lev. After all, a person with nothing has nothing left to lose.
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This was an incredible read. Bella Aurora did a fantastic job creating this beautiful, emotional and funny story. The whole plot and characters were just simply captivating and original. The main characters are so unique I never read about such a pure pairing yet.

Mina is in a unique situation, she is homeless for a while now and her survival depends on a constant fight. Strangely despite her position she stayed positive and kind didn’t become a bitter and evil personality. However in the beginning of the book she is an already desperate situation and makes a life changing decision. Lucky for her everything turns out fine and her life starts on a brighter path. She is really strong, hard working, honest, has a positive view of things a stayed surprisingly pure after 7 years on the streets. She throws herself into work and willing to do anything to better her life. I liked how she established a connection with Lev and his family. She just fits into their dynamics. After a while she opens up and blossoms out into a beautiful and kind woman.

Lev, I absolutely loved. His way of thinking and he stole my heart. He is a special cookie. He has all of the characteristics I require in a book hero. He is kind, funny, protective, hot and his ‘mental situation’ gives him an aloof kind of removed aura, way of thinking. I loved it. How he acted around his family, how he simplified thing most people usually over complicate. He became my favorite book boyfriend of this year.
Together he and Mia have an amazing connection, intensive chemistry and their relationship is so cute. Sometimes it felt like they lived in a bubble as either of them let the negativity and others opinion affect them. They remove themselves from the crowd, sometimes even the population. I really liked the way they worked together. Their pairing is a unique one and the idea behind their characters is really original.

What else? The supportive characters are so good to. Each one of them has a defined and strong personality and they all work so well together. They create the kind of family dynamic that I love in books. They all have really interesting background so I’m looking forward all of their individual books.

The plot is full of surprises and shocking revelations especially regarding Mia past. There isn’t one boring moment in the book. The author created fantastic satiations and enjoyable dialogues. It’s fanny, eventful and so sweet but has a darker side, too. The storyline is flowing seamlessly and the writing style is wonderful. This story is a truly marvelous read and highly recommended to contemporary and NA lovers. Believe me Mia and Lev sensual love story is going to sweep you off your feet.


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