Kate Stewart – Anything but Minor (Balls in Play #1)

“She’s a nerd.” “Heyyyy!” “Okay, she’s a flight instructor.” “Better.” “He’s a ballplayer.” “The best that ever was.” “Technically, you aren’t according to MLB stats.” “See? Total nerd. She also has no filter.” “He’s no southern gentlemen.” “I had one last season to prove my worth.” “I’d never seen a game.” “He told me he was a player.” “She told me she was a lesbian.” “But you fell in love with me anyway.” “Yeah, baby, I totally did.”


This is a rare read for me because I choose this book simply based on other reviews. I never read anything from the author before, I’m not a fan of the cover and the blurb doesn’t tell too much about the story either. But I read a lot of amazing review about it so I gave it a chance.

Anything but minor is a really easy read more like a romantic comedy than a simple romance with a flowing storyline. There are a lot of funny and entertaining scenes in the book and after the main characters relationship gets established the plot gets a steamy and romantic undertone.
The dialogues and benter between Alice and Rafe are simply delightful and pure perfection. However I had problems with the story, some of Alice scenes are painfully awkward for me. And I also didn’t like how the miscommunication and misunderstandings plays out and constantly shadows the main characters relationship.

Alice starts out as a conservative and shy person but right from the bat she decides to change and live a fuller more exciting life. She has a really positive outlook and her crazy endeavors make her quirky. I liked how she resist Rafe for a while giving them the opportunity to befriend each other before jumping into a relationship. She is not really a strong character more of a cheerful and carefree one. She gives of a less mature aura.
Rafe is not my favorite. He is sexy, arrogant and had a couple of hard experiences in his life time. He is also a bit bitter and I didn’t like his cockiness. He is so determined to forward his career that he handles Alice quite insensitively at the end.

I liked the story well enough. It wasn’t my favorite but a funny ad light read. It is a magical and out of the ordinary love story. It is a sport romance but I loved to see some more of the sport element in it. Curious about the next book.


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