5 stars

J.J. McAvoy – Sugar Baby Beautiful

When twenty-four-year-old Felicity Harper is dragged to a sugar party, an event where wealthy men and women seek “companionship,” she never expects this one simple decision to drastically change her whole life. Her past is nothing but broken dreams and heartache. Her present is detached and dull. And her future? Well, before meeting Theodore Darcy, the famed film director, writer, producer and CEO of Darcy Entertainment, she would have expected more of the same. Love is just a fantasy and she wants no part of it—even if she can’t deny the undeniable attraction between the two of them. So their arrangement is simple: sex with no strings attached. But as their intimacy becomes more powerful, so do Felicity’s demons. Can Theo really shoulder her past and his own? And could Felicity even let him?
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I love everything J.J. McAvoy wrote. So far I read everything from her and this is one of my favorites. This is a vivid and breathtaking love story with a lot of surprises and unexpected twists.

The author is really talented and creates colorful and spectacular scenarios, diverse characters. She has a flowing and effortless writing style. Makes it easy to get absorbed by the story. The first 2/3 of the book is the usual enjoyable love story with a little bit of extra. However the last part of the plot simply shocked me. I expected something to happen, to disturb the peace but nothing like it actually played out. The last third of the tale with its huge revelations (there is not only one), elevates the whole book to another level. It made me happy, made me laugh, it broke my heart and entertained me at the same time.

Felicity is a very busy girl, works a lot and a bit closed off toward the outside world. But she is also lonely and craves a meaningful relationship. However she is not the forward type o Theodor takes her by surprise. He is nothing like she expected based on appearance. As she starts to open up with the help of him it turns out she is an outstandingly talented dancer and musician. Her social skills are not the best but her kind, innovative and hard working personality makes up for it. She is really strong and resilient.

Theo is a confident and successful business man and musical prodigy. He has a complicated past with his family which is why he isn’t an open book either. He also doesn’t take the bulls**t from others. He believes in Felicity and finds her unique. Their relationship progresses quickly but they are perfect for each other so it’s a good thing. But their connection roots in so much more than simple attraction, chemistry and sex. They understand each other on the deepest level. Theo loves Felicity unconditionally and shows how much he cares about her when her secret gets revealed. Despite the obstacles and possible prejudice he supports her without reserves.

Felicity teaches a lot of things about love and family to Theo and the readers too. I think theirs is a stunning, one of a kind love story.


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