4.5 stars

Scarlett Dawn – Valan Playboys

Series: standalone
Pages: 132
Published: February 21st 2015 by Scarlett Dawn
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Orphan, Lana Claire, drinks too much and parties too hard. Eighteen-years-old, and a wild child, Lana does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. When a crazy encounter at a new bar ends with bodies littering the ground, Lana wonders if she may have discovered a path that leads to answers she desperately needs. Never one to walk blind, she treads carefully. What she finds is more than she ever hoped for. Lana knew she wasn’t human, but an entire community of others like herself blows her mind. And the men! Heat and passion burn bright when Valan men are on the hunt for their mate, but Lana never expected to be the spark for two of their hottest playboys. More than ready to sizzle with the alphas of Valan, Lana does what she always does. She dives right in.


Another hidden little gem from author Scarlett Dawn. Once more she created a fantastic world, and it’s original despite it being about different supernatural factions once again.
She has a talent for creating wonderful, detailed and multi layered worlds in a seemingly effortless fashion. And she isn’t only builds them up spectacularly but can explain them fully without info dumps or forced ‘history’ lessons in the beginning. I think world building is one of the author strongest points. Don’t get me wrong she has awesome characters and interesting stories, too. But without a solid foundation it all could be dull or underwhelming.

I loved this book but it’s so fast paced and incredibly short. I mean come on I want more. The plot is mostly about Lana self-discovery and mainly contains a couple of intimate scenes with her, Adam and Vence. So it’s not an action packed story more a sexually fueled, funny, slightly romantic tale. The tension and chemistry is practically palpable in it. It’s a really easy read.
However there is so much potential in this world and the characters that I loved to see a bit more of it. Maybe something with more action in it. Unfortunately, the author doesn’t plan to continue it as of right now. I really hope she gets the inspiration to do otherwise sometime soon. I don’t think I’m the only one who would love to read some more about Lana, Adam and Vence.

The main character, Lana is a really spunky and carefree person. The whole supernatural world is a new concept to her but she takes the changes in her life without a hitch. She is strong, provocative and really doesn’t care for authority. I loved her antics. She is exactly the thing Adam and Vence needed to spice up their life.
The two men are both the leaders of their different faction so their life is full of responsibility which the both handle in different ways. They don’t really see eye to eye but found a common ground in Lana. I liked the way the three of them interacted.

This one is an incredibly good story. Not heavy with drama or painful emotions. Just a lighthearted read. My only problem was the length of it and that’s why I didn’t give it a perfect score.


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