2.5 stars

Devon Monk – Devils and Details (Ordinary Magic #2)

Police Chief Delaney Reed is good at keeping secrets for the beach town of Ordinary Oregon–just ask the vacationing gods or supernatural creatures who live there. But with the first annual Cake and Skate fundraiser coming up, the only secret Delaney really wants to know is how to stop the unseasonable rain storms. When all the god powers are stolen, a vampire is murdered, and her childhood crush turns out to be keeping deadly secrets of his own, rainy days are the least of her worries. Hunting a murderer, outsmarting a know-it-all god, and uncovering an ancient vampire’s terrifying past isn’t how she planned to spend her summer. But then again, neither is falling back in love with the one man she should never trust.
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So as I already mentioned in my review of the first book I saw a lot of potential in the world Devon Monk created for this series. After the first book I had really high hopes of improvement.

The story continues a couple of months after the previous one finished. Delaney is still trying to adjust, get her bearings in her new situation and at the same time forget her heartbreak. Unfortunately, her personality and behavior doesn’t improve anything. Everything I was unsatisfied with in Death and relaxation is still there on steroids no less. There is still no real police work in the whole freaking book even when there are more mysteries to uncover. All the accomplishments they get come from sheer luck or coincidences. Delaney really pissed me of with her attitude. She insists o handling everything, because that’s her job as an officer of the law. However she is so naïve and her judgment is extremely biased. And she knows this about herself still goes ahead ignoring obvious clues and constantly pondering about her failed relationship with Ryder. This struggle of hers regarding her emotions became irritating like hell. Not to mention all of her serious problems gets solved by itself.

So yeah, I was disappointed. There is so much potential in this world and yet none of them gets used. It’s a waste really. Unfortunately the story is poorly executed, the plot is not balanced and the characters are lacking depth. The book concentrates only on Delaney inner struggle instead of the fascinating storyline built around her.
Almost at the end there was a little shine of light where I thought that’s it, from this point on the story going to be epic. And… my light got squashed after 2 or 3 chapters. Okay so I think this was it for me.


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