4 stars

Viki’s Review: Change of Heart by Nicole Jacquelyn

Series: Fostering Love #2
Published: September 6th 2016 by Forever
Synopsis: They’ve spent their lives pushing each other away, but what will happen when they need each other most? Anita Martin doesn’t expect much from life. Growing up on the street, bouncing from one foster home to another, she learned to rely only on herself. Even after she finally found a loving family to take her in, she was still an outsider-something Abraham, one of the family’s older sons, never let her forget. Abraham Evans doesn’t know how Ani always manages to get under his skin, only that’s she’s been doing it since they were teens. She is-and always has been-undeniably gorgeous. But he’s never met anyone as pissed off at the world as Ani. For fifteen years, Ani and Bram have agreed on exactly one thing: they can’t stand each other-until one night when their anger gives way to passion. Yet even as Ani and Bram begin to secretly seek comfort in one another’s arms, they remain emotionally worlds apart. When Ani’s life takes a dramatic turn and she realizes she needs more than Bram can give, their fragile, no-strings relationship unravels. One way or another, Ani is determined to survive. But when Bram finally admits his true feelings, he may discover Ani has moved on without him…

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Change of heart is the second book in Nicole Jacquelyn Fostering love series. Me being a fan of the author and loving the first book there was no question of reading this one also.

This story is about Kat’s adopted brother, Bram, and her foster sister Anita. If you read the first book, which is not required but strongly advised, you can guess that their relationship doesn’t start with a right note. They constantly fight and bicker. It doesn’t seem as if they like each other much. However one night changes everything.

Anita wasn’t my favorite character to date. She is really surly and honestly mean. She keeps herself behind a mile high wall and only shows her thorny, sarcastic side. Especially toward Bram, she is always starting a fight with him. In some way I could understand her self-protective actions thanks to her past, but after spending 14 years with a loving family, you would expect her to behave a bit kinder at least toward them. So yeah, her sarcasm and criticism was a bit too much for me. I think everything has a limit and she went too far at times, hurting her family without even realizing it. Oh and she is so unreasonable at time. [Springing the adoption on Bram out of the blue without talking about it beforehand and then expecting him to be ok with it in two seconds. Yeah that’s not happening.]

Bram on the other hand, I liked really much. Yeah, he is not an easy personality but an extremely good person underneath his façade. He is honest, kind, caring and handsome. He has his secrets and a hard past. From this sprang his view of marriage and children of his own, but other than that he works around it. However when facing a difficult choice he quickly realizes what he really wants and starts to fight for it with every fiber of his being. He is also quite patient and reliable, which he needs when dealing with Anita. I absolutely adored him.

In some of its aspects this storyline has a lot of similarities to the first book, but still completely different. This book describes a stunningly beautiful love story, again. With heartbreak, humor, love and trust. The story is flows fluidly and I love how the characters interact. The family dynamics, their actions are simply amazing. There are also a lot of surprising twists in the plot regarding not just the main characters but also the whole family, this makes it unpredictable and exiting. I’m curious about the possible continuation because the author wrote this story in way the next book could go in a lot of different ways.



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