4.5 stars

Viki’s Review: Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn

Series: Lion Security #1
Published: September 19th 2014 by Scarlett Dawn
Synopsis: The Lion Security series fires off with Obsidian Liquor, where no one escapes the Russian mafia… While a brutal competition of America’s heroes is held in the United States, Elizabeth Forter is on a personal mission to destroy the Mayor of New York City. But when she’s caught red-handed by a man who kills for a living, her enmity rapidly turns to fear. Daniil Kozar isn’t a man to trifle with, and Elizabeth is forced to strike a deal with the mafia king. Her every action is watched, and she needs to decide how to handle the gun-toting criminal–and his seductive charm. Daniil may be the devil her father warned about. Or he may be the sensual awakening Elizabeth never knew she needed. Somewhere, Elizabeth’s dad is screaming a prayer…

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O.M.G.! I loved it. Okay so I really like Scarlett Dawn‘s style. BOY, I laughed so much during reading that my sister looked at me like a lunatic. It’s a really good story, love the characters and the plot, too.

I only had two minor problems with the book why I couldn’t give it a perfect score.
First, the lenght, it was to short for my taste. It’s effects the space of things, events in a book, everything happened so fast. Fortunately, when I started it I already had the second book.
The second thing that irked me was the feeling that I was missing something. The supporting characters had a really extensive history, background and these was a lot of refesener to it. So I constantly felt like I missed a book or two. I mean, their problems, relationships were mentioned in passing and their were a couple of references to them but nothing obvious or clean, detailed. Nobody filled me in on it. I felt like an outsides since I didn’t even had a chance to get to know it through Elizabeth (the story is in her POV) because she isn’t in every secret, she isn’t in their inner circle, Yet.
It was quite frustrating being in the dark.

I usually don’t like when their are a really big age gap between a couple. Surprisingly it didn’t bother me, somehow they just fit. Even so the difference between then was sharpened with Elizabeth overly childish behavior and Danii’s children presence as a constant reminder.
However the humor and the characters sold the story for me. On to the next book. Another favorite from Scarlett Dawn.



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