4 stars

Alexis Grove – False Idols (Aeon #1)

In the year 2047 neural implants have given a small slice of the population superhuman abilities. Are these Aeons brilliant humanitarians dedicated to saving civilization, or venal psychopaths bent on its destruction? When Sarah Fenton is recruited out of her orphanage into a mysterious government program, this question becomes her mission. Answering it incorrectly could spell the end of the human race. Her only path to the truth lies in beguiling an Aeon named Nick Lal, the reclusive scion of one of the planet’s wealthiest families. Even as she realizes she’s falling in love with him, she begins to fear that he is not as innocent as he appears. As famine and religious strife threaten to push the nation into a three-way civil war, Sarah’s time runs short. Will she be wily enough to choose correctly and save the world?
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I received a copy of this book in exchange of a honest review.

I usually don’t read to much sci-fi, but I really liked the blurb and the cover of this book. Sci-fi as a genre imply a world where the technology is way more advanced than the world we live right now. Since I’m not really a tech-girl myself I find it harder to picture these kind of sceneries. And let me tell you during reading I created a few really funny pictures about how the world in False Idols look and works. Some of it was result of the way the author described the events and the background of his story.

However deserves a praise for his work, because no matter how many funny pictures I created from his words, it also helped me understand the mechanics of it without dumbing it down or overwhelming the story with ’computer language’. Overall, he created one of the most well structured futuristic world I ever read about.

The story itself is told from 3 different point of view. All of them have a really different background and perpective regarding the story.
False Idols is an action packed and well balanced book. The story flowes effortlessly, it eay to get lost in it. The only thing I’m not exactly statisfied with is the ending. So why I can’t give it a perfect score? Well, the reason is the concept of the book. No matter how beautifully created and well written the story is, the idea that humanity puts almost everything int he imaginary hands of thecnology and computers is one of the things I can’t get on board with. I think it’s stupid fro our part, but thats a topic for another time.
I can recommend this book to anybody who likes sci-fi or young adult books with technological elements. I honestly can say that I am surprised how much I liked this book.


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